A Medicine For More Than 50 Diseases: The Tea That Kills Parasites And Cleans The Body of Toxins

23 Jun 2017Viral News

The ingredients in this drink are powerful to keep your entire body healthy and are all proven to work against many diseases.

Used in India since ancient times, turmeric is useful for nausea, vomiting and other diseases. Prepare this remedy which heals over fifty diseases. Science has proven the powers of turmeric in the prevention and treatment of cancer and dementia.A Medicine For More Than 50 Diseases The Tea That Kills Parasites And Cleans The Body of Toxins


  • half a tablespoon of ginger
  • half a tablespoon of cinnamon
  • 1/6 Tsp turmeric
  • a pinch of cardamom
  • 500 ml water
  • half a cup of milk
  • A little honey, if desired


Mix all the spices and pour the 500 ml of boiling water. Mix well and optionally add hot milk. Drink the tea without straying it throughout the day in unlimited quantities.

Source : www.healthylifetricks.com



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