Where immediate medical attention is required for third-degree burns, minor everyday domestic burns can be handled safely and effectively from home. The quick treatment of any burn, in the first few minutes, is the key to ensuring your skin heals properly and pain is reduced.

A number of natural home remedies for burns are readily available in your home, which can successfully treat minor burns. Lets look at some below —


  • One home remedy includes soaking the burnt area in milk for 15 minutes or wrapping it in a cloth soaked in milk. It provides an excellent compress and the fat content soothes and encourages healing. After 24 hours or so, the burned area must then be washed daily with soap and water. Keep it dry and clean and ensure a bandage is re-administered after each washing.
  • Ice or ice cold water should not be used as it could adversely affect the wound. The water should be cool but not cold and will effectively stop the burning from spreading through your tissues. It also acts as a temporary painkiller.
  • Another natural remedy, which is very effective, is Aloe Vera. If applied two or three days after the burn, it will shorten the healing process. By smearing the juice from a broken leaf on the burnt area, four to six times a day, it will bring relief from the pain.
  • Eating a range of citrus fruits, as well as vegetables including potatoes and broccoli, which contain vitamin C, will assist the healing process.
  • Additional vitamins to consider are A and E which speed up the restorative process. Predominately found in green fruits and veggies (vitamin A), cereals and nuts (vitamin E).
  • The application of a vitamin E capsule directly to the wound can prevent scarring and increase healing.
  • Foods rich in Zinc speed up recovery and assist with a healthier skin.


Additional home remedies that are effective in reducing the pain, neutralizing the effects, aiding fast heading and reducing scarring include —


  • White Colgate toothpaste applied liberally over the wound and kept on overnight.
  • Cut potato slices placed directly on the burn.
  • Honey applied over burns and covered with gauze as a salve and antibiotic (bacteria cannot exist in honey).
  • Lavender oil combined with almond or olive oil at a ratio of 1:3 applied after cleaning the burn with water and a mild soap (smear liberally on an uncovered wound, at least, three times a day).
  • Calendula which is an antiseptic & anti-inflammatory should be applied topically.
  • Egg white coated on the burned skin helps keep the wound from drying out.
  • Mustard rubbed on minor burns reduces pain, blisters and scarring.

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