12 Home Remedies for Toothache


Teeth represent an amazing balance between function and form. They represent amazing engineering and aesthetic beauty. Good teeth are important for one’s health and overall appearance. A toothache is an extremely common problem that can occur to anyone without warning.

Throbbing, sharp, shooting and constant pain is the first signal of an upcoming toothache. If not treated early on, the tooth will eventually need to be extracted.

The main cause of toothaches is tooth decay. Tooth decay is the result of a poor diet that contains excessive amounts of candy, soft drinks, pastries, carbohydrates and sugar of all forms. Bacteria that is in the mouth breaks down sugar into acids, that then combine with calcium in the enamel. This also causes tooth decay and erosion.

If you clean your teeth properly, you can prevent tooth decay and the consequent toothaches. You should brush your teeth in a circular motion to ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned. Brush the gums lightly as well to provide gentle stimulation and improve blood circulation in that area.

You can prevent destruction of the bone around the teeth, infection of the gums and tooth decay with an appropriate diet. You should restrict your sugar intake to ensure that your diet is proper. Make sure you eat plenty of raw vegetables, whole foods and whole wheat bread. Here are 12 home remedies for toothache and decays that can provide help —



  • You can relieve the pain of a toothache by placing a glove of garlic and some salt on the affected tooth. Alternatively, you could chew on the garlic every day in the morning.
  • To ensure protection from the host of tooth disorders and kill all the germs that are in the mouth, chew on raw onion for approximately three minutes.
  • Lime also prevents tooth decay, dental cavities, loosening of the teeth, bleeding of the gums and toothache.
  • An excellent mouthwash that cures toothache and prevents dental decay is the juice of wheat grass. It removes toxins from the gums as well as keeps bacterial growth in check.
  • You can ground asafetida in lemon juice to cure toothache. Soak a cotton ball in the heated solution and place it in the tooth cavity to relieve the pain quickly.
  • To alleviate pain and strengthen gums, mix paste of the bark of bay berry with vinegar and apply the mixture to the affected area.
  • To provide relief, apply clove oil to the cavity of the affected tooth.
  • To prevent foul breath, dental cavities, bleeding of the gums, toothaches, and painful gums — try one fourth teaspoon of salt and a pinch of pepper.
  • Rinse your mouth vigorously with water if the toothache is caused by trapped food. A thorough rinse should dislodge any food stuck between the teeth.
  • Make sure you floss your teeth in order to remove any bits of hard food. Be gentle near your gums since they will likely be sore.
  • You can also try gargling a cup of warm salt water before bedtime and after each meal.
  • Place an ice cube on the affected tooth to soothe it.