12 Secrets for Gaining Mass


The work is worth it. You are worth the effort. Build the muscle you want to see with these 12 mass building tips:


  1. The food you put into your body affects your health. Eat as much natural and organic food as possible for optimum results.
  2. Follow the metabolic typing diet to meet your daily needs in a healthy way.
  3. Weight lifting should be done within the range of 8-12 reps, at a minimum, for mass-building exercises.
  4. Your sustained tempos during workout should range between 3-1-3 and 4-1-4 for optimal results.
  5. For the increased production of HGH, or human growth hormone, and testosterone, limit tension times to a minute or less per lift.
  6. Limit your workouts to a period of time of 45 minutes or less per day per muscle group.
  7. Remember to drink juice. Juicing helps shorten recovery times.
  8. Do not perform any cardio to encourage caloric reduction.
  9. Take the supplements that are proven to work; a little research will tell you what the pros use.
  10. Endurance athletes should lift according to the type of muscle fiber and genetics he or she has. Athletes focusing on speed should lift heavier weights with less reps.
  11. Get help through a personal trainer that will optimize your time lifting. Personal trainers will get you results in the short-term that you may not be able to get for yourself. If you don’t see short-term results, get a different personal trainer.
  12. The current science on weight lifting should be followed and adhered to.


Words of Wisdom: the quality of input equals the quality of results. Don’t give up. Don’t take it easy. Work as hard as you can.