Your child’s world is very different from yours and if you pay close attention, you will learn a lot about how to be happy and take time to smell the roses. A 2-year old is still in the magical phase of life where fairies exist and brooms can fly but they’re also moving into the real world where the broom cannot fly and there are no fairies.

It’s a time of great energy and learning but even so, they maintain their bright outlook no matter what happens around them and with complete confidence they just be themselves.

When a child is faced with any issue they simply act spontaneously to get it resolved without thinking or making a big deal out of it! Children don’t consider logic or opinions or what adults think is correct or proper. They feel everything and live their lives spontaneously, in the moment.

Unless you’ve been living on an island with no way to be stressed, you’re probably like most people who worry about work and finances and a myriad of other things that most of us are concerned with. So taking time to watch a child react to everything without a care in the world is truly awe-inspiring.


Life is so simple to a child and full of playing, smiles and laughter. We hope you can see your child in the following 12 observations.


  1. When you’re tired, take a nap.
  2. When you’re hungry, eat something.
  3. Eat little stuff often because it keeps you energized and feeling happy.
  4. Absolutely do not eat anymore when you feel full, just throw the rest away or on the floor.
  5. When your belly’s full, it’s time to leave the table and get back to your amazing life.
  6. Only eat foods that you love and do not eat even one bite of something you don’t love.
  7. Love your body and see how it responds to tickling and kisses and hugs.
  8. Move your body a lot making sure it runs, skips, rolls in the grass and jumps in puddles.
  9. Wear clothes that feel good to you and don’t worry if the colors match.
  10. Love the people in your life for who they are and not how they appear.
  11. Get close to fun, happy people and stay away from the mean ones.
  12. Feel great about yourself and how perfect you are.


Whether or not you have a 2-year old to watch, we’re willing to bet that you know what we are talking about in these 12 observations above!

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