Once you have been working out for a while, you will decide which exercises you like more and which parts of the body are your favorites to work on. There’s nothing wrong with this and it only comes with experience.

While you are growing in your ability to access your own body, take a look to find the areas, if you have any, that you are unhappy with. What does that area need? If you are having problems in your legs, try these leg exercises for bringing yourself to more mass and definition.


  1. Leg Extensions — best for isolation exercises for the thigh muscles. In performing isolation exercises, you are able to save your strength and energy for the compound muscles that will come later. With leg extensions, you need to raise the leg until it is almost locked at the knee. Hold it briefly, then return it to the original position.
  2. Leg Presses — should only be attempted if you are experienced with other forms of exercise. Start with feet spaced shoulder-width apart, planted firmly on the foot rest. Bend your legs so that they almost reach the chest. Hold this position briefly and then return your legs to their starting position.
  3. Calves — these muscles can be worked on a machine specifically made for sitting and standing raises.


These are excellent exercises for proven results. As long as you are not overworking your muscles, these leg exercises will help them grow.

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