If you’re really serious about Bodybuilding and want to make a strong dedication to this sport, then you need to be careful of who you take guidance from. The Bodybuilding industry is a multi-million dollar market with new products popping up literally every day. Many so-called “professionals” push these supplements and powders and “miracle program” which you don’t really need. These guys don’t know a thing and only care to extract your hard earned money.

If you don’t be careful you could wind up succumbing to some fatal muscle-building risks that will ultimately damage your bodybuilding dreams. I’m going to expose 4 common muscle-building myths or misconceptions in order to keep you on the right path to true Bodybuilding.


Myth #1: You have to achieve a “Pump” when you workout to build muscle. The bigger the pump you get, the better for building more muscle.

If you don’t know, a “Pump” is the sensation or feeling you get when you blood get trapped inside your muscle tissues when you lift weights. This causes your muscles to swell up and you would feel bigger, stronger and more powerful. This feeling is fantastic to have but it hardly has any role to play in stimulating your muscles to grow bigger. A “Pump” only increases the blood flow to the muscle tissues you trained and doesn’t indicate that you had successful workout. The only way to gauge you workout success is by the concept of progression. Were you able to lift more weights than the week before? If yes, then you have done you job.


Myth #2: When you build muscles, you become slower and less flexible.

When I was in my teens I heard this one and I had some reservation about getting into the Bodybuilding sports. Yes, in the old days people said bodybuilders are “muscle bound” and “bulky”. However the truth of the matter is that building lean muscle mass will make you more agile and not sluggish. We use muscles for movement such as running, jumping, throwing etc. A stronger muscle tissue will give you more force to apply to your activity. For example, lean muscular legs would move faster and stronger muscular shoulders will throw farther. The bottom line is that stronger muscles are able muscles, not vice versa.


Myth #3: You must follow the textbook exercises to the T.

While its is correct to follow all gym and bodybuilding protocols, obsessing over the perfect textbook way to do your exercises is a different story. If you try to do so, you can hinder your performance by either causing some form of injury or reducing the maximum muscle stimulation you can achieve. Bear in mind, we are not robots! You should move naturally when you workout. This could mean swaying your back slightly when you do bicep curls, using a small body momentum when you performing barbell rows and so forth. Loosen yourself and try to find the natural way your body is programmed to move. Worrying over perfect textbook workout form isn’t something you should be obsessed about.


Myth #4: You need to “feel the burn” in order to make your muscles grow

This is a crazy misconception that can do more harm than good. The actual “burning” sensation” that you experience when you train hard is really a metabolic waste product called lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced in your muscle tissues as you exercise. An increased in lactic acid does not benefit muscle growth and has nothing to do with it. In fact it can reduce your gains rather than increase them. A quick tip to lower lactic acid secretion is use lower rep range of 5-7 rather than doing 10 and above.

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