Herbs can be used for helping to relieve people of symptoms stemming from a variety of illnesses and that includes stress. Stress can be crippling, causing people to shutdown and suffer from mental illnesses and nervous breakdowns. And it can limit the ability of a person to function.

While a person will be able to live an otherwise normal life without it, when it does begin to stack up it can cause them to lose the ability to take direction from their employer, slack in their job performance and even in relationships at home. Herbs have been used to treat stress for centuries, stemming all the way back to early China. Herbs play a major role in a lot of people’s lives all over the world. And they are that way for a reason, they provide relief.

Stress can stem from multiple sources in someone’s life. Some of the reason we can find ourselves experiencing stress is because of relationships, whether there are serious changes like one moving away for a job that may or may not break up the relationship, family problems and complications within a new or even an old job. Even problems that people may have been dealing with for a long time that surface every now and again.

Some symptoms of stress include headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, impotence and it also affects the appetite. It can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, in other words, it can mess with the normal functions of just being a person. And that is terrible when we have things we need do and we can’t let stress take over our lives.

Medicine herbs help to alleviate and sometimes eliminate stress to better handle situations and respond positively. There are different ways to ingest and use herbs, such as tea, applying creams and salves and taking pills or capsules. Here are 4 herbal remedies for stress below —


  • One example of an herb to help with stress is agnus castus, which comes in tablet form and is used as a hormone regulator.
  • Another is ashwagandha which comes in pill form and can be taken several times a day to reduce stress.
  • Teas such as chamomile act as a stress reducer and generally just taste good.
  • And finally lavender can be used as an aromatherapy option for those who want to add meditation to their regimen.


Medicinal herbs combat stress by working as a regulator and in turn a healing device for you to use. By utilizing the healing property of herbs you can reduce stress to regain control over your life. Whether it be to calm your nerves with a cup of chamomile tea, or a pill taken once or twice daily it can make a world of difference for you. Herbal remedies are a step in the right direction in natural health and using the world around us. And you can utilize the amazing potential of nature to manage your stress.

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