Abdominal weight loss is usually the first thing people think of when they decide to diet and with a few simple Yoga techniques they can be on their way to a healthier body.

More people these days look in the mirror and see that protruding belly and decide to initiate a diet. What they may not know is that there are a few Yoga poses that actually target the abdomen and when used with a special diet, can reduce the extra pounds in the belly area.

Here are 4 yoga poses for abs below that yield great results —


The Sun Salutations

These poses provide you with a warm up routine prior to commencing a Yoga session. If you are familiar with Burpees calisthenics exercises then these will be easy to learn and practice. There is a difference, though, because Yoga focuses on spiritual energies and energy centers in the body that relate to the poses. The sun salutation poses include forward and backward bending that after a few days will significantly reduce your abdominal fat and increase your stomach muscles.


The Bow Pose

This pose is executed by lying on your stomach then holding your left ankle with your left hand and your right ankle with your right hand then raising your head as high as possible in the air. The bow pose is commonly used for weight loss and the prevention of constipation.


The Peacock Pose

This pose is a wonderful challenge to balance your abdomen on your conjoined elbows then raise your feet and head off the floor while remaining parallel to it. It requires perfect balance and with enough practice you can master this teeter-totter pose. Even the process of trying to achieve the peacock pose can help you lose that abdominal weight and detoxify your visceral organs! So try it today!


The Abdominal Lift

This is an exercise and not an actual pose that requires you to fully exhale and pull your diaphragm in before you take a breath in. This exercise specifically increases weight loss, detoxification and spiritual awareness.


In addition to the above-mentioned poses there are a few others that also target the abdominal weight issue. The Forward Bending Pose, the Spinal Twist, the Shoulder Stand Pose and the Wheel Pose can help with the belly fat, but the 4 listed above will provide greater results if you practice on a steady basis.

Whether or not you choose to include these Poses in to you exercise routine, you should always maintain a healthy diet of balanced foods and when combined with these poses, you will receive fast results in very little time.

Please note that women who are pregnant or menstruating may not be comfortable using these poses. Take a stand or pose and get started now to lose that abdominal fat today!

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