5 Organs You Should Detox Now!


If you have ever gone through a detox or cleanse, then you know how disgusting it can appear. Your body will show signs of all of the toxins, debris and chemicals that you have built up since your last detox, and it can feel a little bit overwhelming. Not only do these toxins affect a specific organ, but your whole body and your overall fitness.

There are many signs that your body is overrun with harmful toxins. You might feel stressed, or sluggish. It is common to experience aching, constipation, a loss of dexterity and diarrhea, as well as rapid weight gain, and the inability to lose the extra weight that you have put on. These symptoms can be depressing and exhausting as the toxins drain your body of strength.

Added to this, the toxins in your body are frequently stored in the fat cells, which retain traces of unhealthy consumption. The typical American diet leaves a person with the equivalent of 70 trillion garbage cans consumed per cell. This is why detoxing is so important. It allows you to cleanse the unwanted toxins and garbage from your body. The most important way to do this is through your organs of elimination.

Here are 5 detox organs of your body that deal with cell waste management, and they play a major role in detoxing the body —


 1.  Your Liver

Your liver has a very important function in your body. As the organ that recycles the unwanted chemicals and debris in your body, it has the vital role of sorting out the toxins in your cells, and eliminating them. The liver is an important starting point in the process of detoxifying your body.


2.  The Lymph Glands

The lymph glands have an equally important role in this, as they remove the excess waste through a network of tubing within the body. There are a number of different lymph glands, such as the appendix, thymus, tonsils and spleen.


3.  The Kidneys

The kidneys are one of the most important elimination organs, as they cleanse your body through their role of water management. The kidneys keep your blood blood alkaline by eliminating the dissolved acid waste. One of the easiest ways to detoxify your body is through the kidneys, by drinking 8 or more glasses per day.


4.  The Lungs

Your lungs purify the very air that you need to survive. In this way, they are also responsible for removing the waste gasses that are found in your body. Getting plenty of fresh air and oxygen vital to ensuring that your lungs continue to run at optimum capacity.


5.  The Colon

The colon is one of the few solid waste management centers of your body. However, having a clean colon can assist you in building up the health and strength of your body, aiding you in fitness, concentration and wellness.


When your body detoxifies itself, you may feel aches and pains, sickness and exhaustion. This is part of the natural process of helping your body to heal. You can help speed up the process by walking regularly, or doing alternative forms of exercise.

It is important to drink plenty of lemon water, or water in general, as this has been shown to maintain circulation and increase the rate of detoxification within the body. Most importantly, take care of yourself, and your body, and it will do the same for you, though the amazing internal processed of detoxification.