To have a six-pack, you really need to reduce the fat in the abdominal area, and build up the lean muscle layers underneath. There are many specific six pack abs exercises that can support the building up of abdominal muscles, and carrying them out on a regular basis will help to reduce the fat in that area.

Here we will focus on a few major techniques, which focus on the abdominal muscles and will help you to develop your six pack abs if you carry them out regularly. Step by step instructions for each exercise are given below.

The following exercises are carried out on the floor, but you may use an appropriate exercise mat if you wish.



This is probably the most familiar exercise, but you need to ensure you carry it out properly.

  • Lie on the floor with your feet flattened to the floor.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Make a cross shape over your chest, using your arms. (Alternatively, you can hold each side of your head, just behind where your ears are located.
  • Raise your whole back from the floor, not too quickly, breathe in as you do so.
  • Lower your back slowly to the start position, exhaling as you do this.



  • Add weights to your chest to lift while you are performing the up move. OR
  • Use an incline with your head lower than your legs. OR
  • Hold your feet off the ground while performing the sit up. OR
  • Move your legs as though you are pedaling on a bicycle, at the same time as doing a sit up.



This is a more difficult exercise, but it adds increased benefits for your abdominal muscles. Work up gradually to the more difficult exercises.

  • Lie flat on the floor.
  • Position your hands at the sides of your body.
  • Bend your knees up, and simultaneously slowly lift your torso until your face gently touches your knees.
  • In a slow, controlled way, reverse the movement to return to your start position.



Carry out the exercise as before, but this time use a weight held between your feet.



Some may find this exercise more difficult as it involves keeping the legs outstretched. Do not worry if you cannot touch your feet at first, this will improve as your flexibility increases.

  • Lie flat on the floor.
  • Put your arms back, straight out, behind your head.
  • Do not bend your legs or arms, bring your torso and your legs up and reach for your feet, try to touch them if you can.

Keep all of your movements controlled and slow while carrying out these exercises.



Only when you have mastered this exercise and you can touch your feet as you come up without difficulty, you can add weight to hold between your feet.



Beware the crunch! If it is carried out incorrectly, it can cause pain in the lower back and sometimes can give you a neck ache. So make sure you are getting this right. To avoid pulling on your lower back, do not place your hands behind your head. The real benefit of this exercise is that you only use your abdominal muscles, which will flex and help you to reduce fat and build muscle in that area.

  • Lie on the floor. Bend your knees.
  • Fold your arms so that they are crossed over the front of your chest. Leave them there!
  • Pull in your abdominal muscles, and imagine that you are pulling them down into your spine.
  • Inhale, and lift your shoulders off the ground towards your knees using your abdominal muscles and nothing else.
  • As your shoulders come off the floor, breathe out, and it is beneficial to let out a little sound as you release the last bit of air from your lungs, before placing your shoulders back on the ground.
  • When your shoulders make contact with the ground again, breathe in once more. When you are fully back to the start position, exhale.

It can take a while to get the hang of the breathing with this exercise, but it is crucial to try to master the technique so that you will reap the maximum benefits.



Be aware of your breathing while carrying these out; do not hold your breath or you will find it more difficult to complete this exercise.

  • Lie on the floor while holding your hands down at your sides.
  • Lift both legs, bend the knees, and keep doing so until you make an angle of 90o with your legs. (If you cannot manage that just yet, just get as far as you can).
  • Now put your legs slowly back down, but do not let them touch the floor.
  • Repeat this exercise, without letting your feet touch the floor, for as many times as you can manage.



  • Add weights to your legs while doing the lifts.
  • Use a pull up bar and hang from it while lifting up both legs.


So guys all you need to do is to be consistent and implement these six pack abs exercises above for fast results. Also watch your diet and use some fat burners if you need them.

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