7 Home Remedies for Skin Blisters


Skin blisters are a common annoyance that pops up all too frequently in our daily lives. Depending on your lifestyle, the pain caused by a blister may be more or less frequently endured that the common cold.
There are many common forms of blisters, but the most prevalent is a blister where skin is raised and filled with a pussy fluid. These blisters can form on any part of your body where there is frequent friction, such as the hands or feet.


Types of Blisters

Fever blisters are formed around your mouth, chin, cheeks or nostrils, as well as inside your mouth, though they are smaller than canker sores.

Blood blisters are most commonly developed by sustaining a crash or punching injury. This kind of injury pressures the blood between the skin layers, causing it to become a blood blister.

Of all the different types of blisters, the most common is the friction blister. Friction blisters are caused by friction against raw skin, during activities such as wearing a new shoe, working with your bare hands, or due to heat, frostbite or chemical injury.


Blister Prevention

Avoid blisters on your feet by purchasing shoes that fit well and applying Vaseline to your feet to avoid any friction. You can also wear silk under socks for a smooth stride and to prevent blisters and save yourself from agonizing pain. Baby powder also works to reduce friction during walking, which reduces the likelihood of blisters appearing on your ankles or toes.


Natural Care for Blisters


The first thing to do for a blister caused by a burn is to hold it under cool running water to reduce the skin temperature. Now let look at 7 home remedies for skin blisters below —



  • Apply organic aloe vera, vitamin E oil, or zinc ointment directly to any newly formed blister to alleviate the pain and begin healing the skin.
  • You can use a cool compress to relieve the pain of blisters by soaking a towel in a mixture of salt and ice water then applying it to the skin with a bit of pressure.
  • Apply 10 percent tannic acid twice daily to the irritated places on your skin. Continue this treatment for two to three weeks to resolve blisters and irritation and encourage strong, healthy skin.
  • Dab blisters with witch hazel at least four times a day to relieve pain and accelerate the drying process with the present astringent tannins. Excessive sweating will cause further inflammation of existing blisters.
  • To effectively dry your feet, soak them in a bath of epsom salt and warm water. Do this near the end of the day for five minutes and pat them dry to encourage healing without causing more friction.
  • You can apply a few Listerine drops on the broken blisters to help them heal faster, as it is a wonderful antiseptic, and it will keep them from becoming infected.
  • Garlic oil can also help in the disinfecting process when applied directly to an irritated blister.