So you want to lose weight and you’re ready to get started. Before you jump in head first, we suggest that you mull over a few things first. When you do, your weight loss experience will be greatly enhanced and you will stand a much better chance of achieving your weight loss goals. The things that mostly contribute to you being overweight are the following:


1.  Habits: Stop skipping breakfast, eating late at night, eating large meals once or twice a day.

START drinking 6, 8 ounce glasses of water every day, eating breakfast, eat more often, but smaller portions, eat protein at every meal, less snacking, eat enough calories for your body’s needs, exercise with weights, take a brisk walk for 30 minutes each day, remember to eat your fruits and veggies, fat free doesn’t mean low calories, limit juices and sugary beverages, keep track of everything you eat and drink until you are fully in the new habit of watching your intake of food


2.  Lifestyle: Slow it Down

Being on the go constantly, standing up while you’re eating and making spontaneous food choices increases your chances of gaining weight. Plan your meals ahead of time so you know what you’re eating and the calorie count. Spontaneous choices tend to be high in calories.
Turn off the TV, music and the phone when you eat your meals. Studies show that peaceful meals reduce stress and help you eat slower too so your body can digest properly! Call home and catch up with your family, and don’t eat while you’re talking on the phone!


3.  Calories: Know how many calories you’re consuming each day.

This will be your roadmap to success.When you don’t know how many calories then use this simple formula to determine the number of calories you need each day to lose weight or maintain weight:

To LOSE weight: Multiply your current weight by 12 [calories]
110 lbs  x  12 calories = 1,320 calories each day to lose weight

To MAINTAIN your weight: Multiply your current weight by 15 [calories]

110 lbs  x  15 calories = 1,650 calories each day to maintain your weight


4.  Metabolism: Get it Going each morning with a brisk walk or weight workout.

Be sure to put enough energy into it to break a sweat! Then it will work all day for you. If you are sedentary, then you can expect to burn 1/3 less calories each day than someone who is physically active.Here are some fun things that you can do to burn calories when you can’t get to the gym. Tap your feet, swing your legs, stand up and stretch, rotate then move your head from side to side, wriggle around and fidget, pace up and down, take the steps, when you’re on the phone stand up and shift from left foot to right foot .


5.  Cut Fat: In Half …

…By eating half as much margarine or butter, muffins and pastries, mayonnaise and sour cream and the oil you use to saute or prepare your food.Include good sources of protein at each meal, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts, cottage cheese, eggs or yogurt to keep that fat burning!


6. Attitude: Adjustment is necessary…

You think you’re fat but you’re just a victim of your outdated attitudes. That’s an attitude, a perception, not the truth. Once those nasty mental and emotional concepts are gone then you will feel better and be healthier. Any thoughts you have about denying yourself food in order to lose weight is just as unhealthy as eating too much!

  • Healthy Attitude: Food is necessary to fuel my body to keep it healthy.
  • Not Healthy Attitude: Food only makes me fat… This can easily shift when you begin to realize that food will make you healthier!


7.  Commitment: It All Starts Here

When you make a real commitment to your improve your body and therefore your health, the unknown forces in the mind are set in motion and will assist you in accomplishing your goals.

The truth is that most of that extra weight is not totally about eating, it’s about habits, attitudes and emotions. Overeating is the symptom. That’s right. If you can get to the source of the problem it will be easier for you to make the necessary changes and stick with your new diet.

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