7 Ways to Build Big Muscles and Gain Mass Fast


There are two ways to try and increase your muscle strength and bulk — and only one of them is really effective. At first, it will seem counter-intuitive, but if you give it a go, you are sure to see the benefits very quickly.


1.  Live to Eat

You’ve probably been told you need to ‘eat to live’ and then work out often and as hard as possible in order to bulk up and become super strong. Well, this advice is about the polar opposite of the action you really need to take. You need to eat, in order to build strong muscle. You need a higher intake of calories than the amount you burn in a day, so that the excess can go towards growing your muscle.


2.  Can’t Go Past Protein

Protein is absolutely essential to the production of muscle and to muscle repair. Eat around half an ounce per pound of body weight daily. Your muscles simply won’t grow without protein.


3.  Supplement with Supplements!

It can be difficult to ensure that you’re getting adequate amounts of protein, and to know that it’s being absorbed. Whey protein is a great supplement to add to your diet so you know you are meeting your protein requirements. For even more strength, take creatine in addition to your protein.


4.  Lift Those Weights

The heavier your weights, and the more consistently you lift, the better your results will be. Always follow the advice of your personal trainer, who will advise the rate of weight increase and help you with your technique. Proper form is very important to ensure you don’t injure yourself.


5.  Free Weights

You need to be lifting free weights such as barbells and dumbbells to get deep into the muscle fiber and to exercise more muscle groups with each set.


6.  Do those Compound Exercises

It makes sense to work as many muscle groups as possible with each set, Try to do three compound sets, such as bench presses and chin-ups, for every set of isolated muscle exercises. This will ensure that all muscle groups get equal time and work together to support your body where it’s needed most.


7.  Rest, Rest, Rest!

You need a good night’s sleep every single night; at least eight hours’ sleep is a good place to start. Your muscles do most of their growing and rebuilding when you’re sleeping. You also need to take days off between your workouts. Try to stick to one muscle group each week as well.