7 Ways to Promote An Optimum Anabolic State for Muscle Growth


Working out intensely is not all your body needs for maximum muscle growth. You need to have the right anabolic balance so your body can work like it should to build strong muscle. To promote a balanced anabolic state, you will need to look closely at some basic nutritional principles.


1.  Protein

You won’t get very far with a diet deficient in protein. It’s an essential material in muscle production. An easy way to calculate your body’s protein needs is to look at your body weight. Your goal is to have around 0.04 ounce (about a gram) per pound (per half a kilogram) of your body weight in protein each day. The protein can come from poultry, fish, red meat, eggs, dairy or whey. Remember to keep this in mind when planning your six meals for the day.


2.  Carbs

Carbohydrates are vital for building muscles because they assist in the repair of the muscles. The optimum amount of carbs to include in your diet is around an ounce (1.5 – 2 grams) per pound (0.5 kilo) per day. Examples of carbs include whole wheat bread, grains, rice, pasta and potatoes.


3.  Eat More Food

You will need to consume around 10 percent more calories than you expend every day in order to build muscle. Around half your daily calories need to come from carbohydrates, with the bulk of the remaining half from proteins. Fat should contribute only around 10 percent of your calories.


4.  Get Some Sleep

Resting your body is very important — both resting between your workout and sleeping an adequate number of hours at night. Your body also balances out its hormones while you sleep and boosts testosterone levels and growth hormone during that time.


5.  Supplements

Don’t forget those bodybuilding supplements! L-glutamine, Creatine and Whey Protein should be all you need to create the anabolic state you need.


6.  Don’t Overdo It

Remember, it’s quality and not quantity of exercise that you’re aiming for, so monitor the amount of aerobic exercise in your fitness regime. Too much aerobic exercise could burn calories needed for increasing muscles.


7.  Drink Your Water

Dehydration is always a danger when you’re doing a lot of physical work, so keep a check on the amount you take in every day. Your muscles consist of 70% water, so it is vital that you drink plenty each day.