Being overweight can cause a whole load of diseases in your body. In this article we would focus on 8 critical reasons to lose weight now. Actually dangerous diseases that can be caused by being overweight. So lets get started…


#1: Diabetes

Over 80-90% of people suffering from Diabetes are overweight – especially extra weight around the belly. Diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the USA. Simply by eating the wrong foods such as high glycemic foods can cause Diabetes. High glycemic foods produce an exorbitant supply of energy which can swiftly raise your blood sugar levels.

If you cannot use up this surplus of energy, then the extra glucose or energy goes into your cells to be stored for later usage by the help of the hormone called Insulin. Type II Diabetes occurs when your body cannot manufactured enough insulin to help the blood sugar to go into the cells and stored as fats. By losing weight you can assist your body to lower blood sugar levels and cut insulin resistance. Insulin Resistance is where your cells doesn’t fully respond to insulin.


#2: Stroke

Obesity and Arteriosclerosis goes hand in hand. The latter is where fat particles called plaque build up in your arteries. Eating too much cholesterol foods would cause this. After a time when your arteries become narrow it can cause blood clots. Now when the artery leading to your brain is blocked, you can suffer from a Stroke. And this can be very life threatening. So dropping the weight can help reduce this threat.


#3 Cancer

The WHO [World Health Organization] estimated that 25%-33% are associated with obesity and physical inactivity. It has been discovered that body fat increases the levels of insulin production and the hormone Estoregens. And the bad thing is that both insulin and estorogens speed up cell division. Rapid cells development may lead to the formation of a cancerous cell that can bloom into Cancer. So why keep the fat? Fat cells are carcinogenic, that is, cancer-causing agents. Lose the weight to reduce the chances of developing Cancer.


#4 Coronary Heart Disease

Your risk to get Coronary Heart Disease increases as you gain weight. The bad LDL cholesterol can cause plaque in your coronary arteries. The arteries become narrower and reduce the oxygen rich blood to reach the heart. Angina or chest pain can develop and you can get a heart attack.


#5 High Blood Pressure

Being overweight is one cause of developing Hypertension or High Blood Pressure. Your blood pressure rises as you gain weight because your heart needs to work harder to pump the blood around your body. If your BMI or Body Mass Index is over 25, then you are overweight. Over 30, then you are obese. See how to calculate your Body Mass Index here. Try to drop the extra pounds to stay healthy. Simply by eating 500 calories less than needed everyday can reduce a pound a week.


#6 Respiratory Problems

Obesity causes your lungs to reduce in size and make your chest walls heavier to lift when you breathe in. One of the most common breathing trouble is Sleep Apnea. Its a problem where you stop breathing for some time while asleep. It is caused when a soft tissue collapses in the throat and blocks the airway. Extremely overweight people with sleep apnea can get more complicated with Hypoventilation. Hypoventilation is the term used for the condition where you breathe at an abnormally slow rate. This increases the levels of carbon dioxide (the gas we exhale) in the blood. Slimming down would certainly be the only long-term healthy solution for Sleep Apnea.


#7 Urinary Incontinence

When you lose bladder control then UI or involuntary release of urine can occur. Overweight can certainly adds to urinary incontinence. A hefty abdomen weakens your urinary bladder and applies pressure to it causing urine to flow you. Also a simple cough, sneeze or laugh by an overweight person can result in urine leakage. And the more annoying symptom of bed wetting night time too. So try to shed those belly fat as it can help a lot to reduce this embarrassing problem.


#8 Varicose Veins

The muscles in your leg and thigh help to circulate the blood back to your heart with the help of valves. The valves prevent the backward flow of blood. If you have a pot belly then pumping the blood against the force of gravity can eventually damage these valves. After time, due to poor blood circulation in the legs would cause swelling, thickening of skin and skin abscess or ulcers.


In conclusion, being overweight is not worth it. Extra fats comes with too much diseases. Losing weight is not hard but can be fun if you have the desire and motivation.

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