There are specific methods that have been proven to benefit weightlifters, no matter what the final goal is. Whether you want to build mass as an endurance athlete or as an athlete that needs muscle to help sustain speed, you can follow these helpful strategies below that can help you achieve the maximum muscle gain in a short period.

Remember to keep things as simple as possible. Stress can cause your body to burn through its energy stores, leaving you feeling drained when you need to put the effort forth for optimal results.


1.  Focus on Free Weight and Compound Movements

You cannot get around training with free weights if you want to gain significant muscle mass. Keeping it simple will reduce the risk of injury while producing results. Compound exercises are those that require working more than one muscle group at a time.

There are several to choose from for a varied workout routine: deadlifts, squats, chin ups, bench presses, overhead presses, barbell rows, lunges and dips. With compound movements, you can stimulate growth to gain the optimum amount of muscle fibers per workout.


2.  Prepare to Sweat A Lot

The difference between minor mass gain and major mass gain is the work and effort put into the workout. If you don’t commit, you can’t produce results. Hard work and effort are the only way to attain your muscle mass goals and to realize your full potential.

Remember these terms while you are planning your workout routines: sub-maximal training intensity and muscular failure. A sub-maximal training intensity is a reduced level of training that results in reduced results. Disappointment will ensue.

Muscular failure is reached when muscles have been worked as hard as they can be for the time. Further repetitions will need to be done in a different position.


3.  Keep Track of Your Victories

When you make progress, you have gained a victory. Track the progress you make while working out so you can keep your eye on your achievements. This helps keep you motivated while alerting you to areas that need to be changed or optimized.

Your body must be worked to grow. When you lift weights, your body’s natural defenses will heal those muscles, causing the growth. From week to week, you should try to challenge it by adding one or two more reps into your routine so that growth is consistent and continual.

You can accomplish this by keeping a simple weekly journal or log on your routines, measurements, diet and results.


4.  Avoid the Stress of Over-training

When too much stress is placed on muscles, they will not grow or heal properly. Muscles can only heal and grow when they are not being worked, such as when you are sleeping and at rest at home. To build muscle and reach your goals faster and more safely, give your body the needed time for growth and recovery.


5.  Eat More Meals

Proper nutrition plays an integral part in the muscle-building process. Without the proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins, your muscles can’t grow or recover. To help build the optimum amount of muscle mass, eat as many as seven meals a day and no less than five daily.

Wait a couple of hours between meals but no more than three hours to provide the right building blocks at the right times. Your meals should provide you with complex carbohydrates and protein every time.


6.  Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate Some More

Water provides as much as 70 percent of your muscle mass, meaning that without water, your muscles will not grow. When a body is hydrated properly, it will stay healthier, perform better and heal faster. In order to live a higher quality of life and to add mass to your existing muscles while building mass, drink 0.6 ounces of water for every pound you weigh. This will result in better muscle contractions, stronger muscles and a thicker appearance.


7.  Consume More Protein

The importance of protein cannot be overstated in the muscle-building arena. It is present in all of cells in your body, which number in the trillions, and plays an important part in building and repairing tissues that are necessary for vital bodily functions, including muscle growth and recovery.

Think of your body as a building under construction, with the protein you consume becoming the bricks used to build it. Without brick, there is no form, protection or safety.

Using the purest forms of protein provide better results, so eat as naturally as possible. Foods that have as little processing as possible provide better bricks, so choose from a selection of organic eggs, fish, milk, nuts, chicken, beef and cheese.


8.  Consistency is Key for Successful Mass Building

You make progress today by building off of the hard work and effort you put into your workouts in the days and months prior to today. Creating a daily routine and adhering to a healthy menu can add benefits to your regular workouts by consistently providing your body with what it needs for optimum results and benefits.

Recognize the benefit of adding a single extra rep into your routines or adding the one extra meal into your daily calorie intake. You may not see the benefits of such small acts now but you will see them in the days, weeks and months to come.

With a stable lifting routine and a healthy daily diet, you can see the results you want. The more consistent you are in developing and maintaining a mass building routine, the quicker you will see the growth you want for the full realization of your potential.

Utilizing the strategies above for maximum muscle gain, you will be able to avoid the common mistakes that others have made, saving yourself time and reaping better results in a shorter time period. Remember, the amount of effort you put into reaching your mass-building goal is the amount of result you will see.

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