Losing weight can actually be a fun and pleasant process if you stay balanced mentally, physically and emotionally. Of course, eating healthy foods is a key factor but how you think is a major contributor to your eating habits.

You’ve decided it’s time to seriously consider a diet! Our 8 Steps to permanent weight loss will get you going and help you lose weight and maintain it. Keep in mind that any plan you decide on is just that…a plan. It may not be perfect it’s just a guide to keep you going in the right direction. Be kind to yourself and remember it can actually be an enjoyable experience.


The 8 Steps…


1.  More Meals During The Day

What, you say?? I’m trying to lose weight not gain it. We recommend that you eat your basic 3 SMALL meals each day and then fill in with 1-2 snacks in between. Your body requires a steady intake of calories to maintain blood sugar levels and helps keep your metabolism working properly. When you wait too long between meals your body suffers and may cause you to binge when you do eat.


2.  Smaller Portions

Overeating has become the norm in the United States today. Servings in restaurants are completely out of proportion to our body’s needs. If you must eat out do not eat your entire meal, take a doggy bag for leftovers the next day.

To maintain a healthy weight, keep these in mind when you prepare your meals and when you eat at restaurants:

  1. 1 CUP: Carbohydrates; pasta, grains, cereals and rice
  2. 4 OUNCES: Meat, poultry and fish
  3. NO Sugar: OR Keep portions very small


3.  Fat Is Good

To stay healthy you do need certain fats in your diet, preferably from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated sources. These fats come from cold-water fish, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and avocados and can lower your cholesterol and make your heart very happy. Plus, they help suppress those cravings! Stay away from the saturated and trans fats if possible.

All fat, good and bad, has 9 calories per gram so if you use the 2,000 calories per day guideline, you can eat between 400-800 calories from fat each day or the basic recommendation of approximately 40-80 grams of fat per day.


4.  More Fruits and Vegetables

If you stick with these, you will lose weight right away. These foods are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they have few calories. When you eat your meals add 5-8 fruits and veggies each day to keep calories down and fiber up. Furthermore by simply reducing 350 calories per day can help you lose about 1 pound a week.


5.  Only Eat When You Feel Hungry

STOP when you begin to feel full. This is a key to healthy weight maintenance. When you continue to eat after you feel full, your body stores the calories you eat and makes you gain weight. STOP the minute you feel full and you body will be able to easily burn the calories you have eaten.


6.  Regular Exercise

Yes, exercise is necessary for your body to stay healthy. If possible you want to combine aerobics with some sort of weight lifting exercises. The aerobics burn fat and the weight exercises increase metabolism. The other advantage is that when you use weights you increase your muscle mass and your muscles also burns calories!


7.  Little or NO Sugar

Sugar is a major issue when it comes to losing weight. It adds empty calories, increases insulin production and it stores extra calories as fat. It also increases your appetite and affects all the emotional triggers to make you hungry for it. If you feel hungry for sweets eat fruit instead to satisfy your desire for sugar. If possible eliminate sugar from your diet altogether.


8.  Be Kind To Yourself Everyday

Yes, it’s important for you to pamper yourself to maintain a healthy balance. Food is not the only way for you to feel good. An interesting book, a walk in the park, a day at the spa are just a few things you can do to be nice to YOU! Most eating disorders are about emotions, not food. So include a “Feel Good” event along with your diet program to keep yourself balanced every day.


Remember you need to put in the effort and be consistent to the advice above for permanent weight loss results to start showing.

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