8 Warm Up Exercises Before Workout


The first rule for those just starting to work out is the most important: DO NOT OVERWORK YOURSELF. While it may be exciting to start a new routine, it would be a mistake to do too much too soon. This happens most often when you are working out without the guidance of a trainer, and will lead to burnout.

You have to be patient and realistic in your expectations; you cannot expect to look like you have been working out for two years if you have only been at it for two weeks. While it may seem like a good idea to put everything into it the first day, you will pay for it the next morning in the form of sore muscles and achy, locked joints. Then you’ll want to swear off of exercise forever. Don’t do this to yourself.

A good beginning workout should start with a smooth and easy set of exercises. While the following routine is meant to be a pre-workout warm up (with one set of each exercise), three sets of each exercise can provide a good workout for someone just starting out. Here are 8 warm up exercises before workout —


Leg Stretch

With your right leg stretched out to your right side, lean over towards your left foot. Keep your balance while slowly working yourself back up into a standing position using your left leg. Spread your feet apart wide while standing.

Do this ten times. Then, repeat each step, this time switching the position of your legs (using the right leg instead of the left and vice versa). Use this exercise to warm up your legs, calves and abdominal muscles.


Leg Squat

Stand up straight, with your chest pushed out, your butt protruding and your tummy in. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Relax. Lower your body into a squatting position by bending your legs until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Remember to hold your upper up straight while you squat.

Use your legs to straighten yourself back into a standing position. Repeat this exercise 5 or 10 times. Take deep breaths in as you go down, and let them out as you stand up. This is another exercise to warm up your legs, calves and abdomen.


Trunk Twist

Stand and place your feet three feet apart. Relax. With your hands behind your head and your elbows straight out, slowly twist your body as far to the right as possible using only your torso.

Your legs and feet should not move. Only your face and body should be turned right. Keep this position for 10 seconds before switching to the left side. This exercise will stretch the muscles in your legs, back and abdomen.


Arm Rotation

Stretch both your arms straight out to your sides, keeping them at the same level as your shoulders. Rotate both arms to the front at the same time. Repeat this motion 20 times. Use this exercise to warm up muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.


Arms Press

Place your palms together in front of you. With your fingers pointed up and all fingers and palms touching each other, press your palms against each other as hard as you can. Do this for 5 seconds. Relax, then repeat this exercise 10 times (pressing your palms together for 5 seconds, then relaxing between each rep). Breathe in as you relax, then breathe out as you push.

After you have done this 10 times, press your palms together with each set of fingers pointing in a different direction (one set left, the other set right). If you begin this set with your left fingers pointing right, then your right hand should be on top of your left hand. Push your palms together again, with the hand on the bottom pushing up and the other hand pushing down.

Breathe in while you relax, and breathe out while you push. Repeat this 10 times, then switch the positions of your hands and do the same thing. This warms up your shoulders, arms and latissimus muscles (which are the muscles responsible for the v-shaped appearance of your body).


Neck Push

With your right hand placed on the right side of your head, move your head to the right as you gently push your hand against it. Do this only one time, then switch to the left side. After repeating the movement on your left, gently bend your head back while using either your left hand or your right hand to push against it. Do this one time, then repeat this motion by bowing your head forward and pushing against it with your right or left hand. Use this exercise to strengthen your neck muscles — do not do neck rotations.



Do 10 to 15 slow push-ups to work the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, back and a portion of your abdomen.



Start off jogging in place slowly for 3 minutes, then speed it up for about 2 minutes. Slow down to a normal pace and jog for about 3 more minutes. This aerobic exercise will warm up your legs and calf while also giving your heart and lungs a good workout.


Well, that should do it! Once you have gotten the hang of that basic routine, you should be ready to move on to a more advanced weight lifting and cardio workout. Just remember to do one set of the above warm up exercises before your workout session.