Flu is caused by viruses that usually attack the respiratory system. It is highly contagious; you can get it from someone who sneezed or coughed near you. You can even get it from touching an object touched by someone who has the flu. Until now, scientists still haven’t found the cure to the common flu.

The flu symptoms are quite easy to detect. These include body pain, dry cough, chills, headache, high body temperature, stuffy nose and sore throat.


Here are some methods that can help you from getting the flu bug —

  1. Get vaccinated.
  2. If there is a flu epidemic, do not venture out to crowded places where the virus can easily spread such as shopping centers, groceries or cinema halls.
  3. Wear a nose and mouth mask when in public and keep yourself protected when people near you cough or sneeze.
  4. Your chances of easily catching flu are higher when you smoke or drink alcohol, as your respiratory tract is impaired.
  5. Frequently wash your hands, especially after using the toilet and before handling food.
  6. Stress lowers your immune system, so reduce stress by engaging in enjoyable activities.
  7. Avoid oily, fried and sweet foods.


When you have the flu, it is best to stay home until you are fully recovered. Stay in bed and rest so that you can avoid health complications. Here are 9 home remedies for flu symptoms below you can try for fast relief —


  • You should keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices or smoothies especially when you don’t feel like eating. Chicken soup is not a myth, it can really help you feel better when you are feeling under the weather.
  • Consume carrot and beet juice to keep your nutrient levels healthy, and add a bit of sugar so your body does not become glucose-deficient.
  • Humidify your room to decrease the discomfort brought on by sore throat, cough or dry nasal passages. Stay in a humid but well ventilated room so that your respiratory system gets all the fresh air it can get. Wear warm clothes to prevent chills.
  • If you have a runny nose, use petroleum jelly based products to lubricate your nostrils and avoid irritation.
  • If your muscles and joints are sore, use a warm compress. You can also soak your feet in warm water to get rid of nasal congestion or headache. A back rub helps in making your immune system stronger in its fight against the flu.
  • To soothe your scratchy and sore throat, gargle with warm water and salt solution. This will help in washing out phlegm and secretions that are collected in your throat.
  • If you have phlegm, mix lemon with honey in warm water and drink at night.
  • Add a fair amount tea tree oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil or lavender oil to your bath to help you relax, as well as boost your immune system.
  • Health experts recommend juices of cranberry, apple, grapes, pears or pomegranate to combat flu, as they have components that help strengthen your immune system.

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