Thinning hair and balding is a fact of life for many men, so products and hairstyles for balding men need to be made more readily available. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about hairstyles for balding men and how you can find a way to look your best.


What are Men Doing Now?

The typical baldness pattern for men is thinning on top and a receding hairline. Many people laugh about the comb over, but it’s not surprising so many resort to this because there are so few hip hairstyles for balding men. The comb over simply happens when a balding man grows his hair long on one side and combs it straight over the top.


Dubious Strategies for Balding Hairstyles

When trying to avoid the comb over, you might try bringing your hair straight towards the back, to cover the growing bald spot from the front. Unfortunately, this is not a great look. Another dubious strategy is to grow your hair long at the back, but this isn’t much better since it will result in a really unbalanced look. Another mistake when trying out balding hairstyles is to use gel, but this can create clumps and make your bald scalp more obvious.


The Natural Look

There are some great new products to increase the volume of your hair — look out for conditioners or mousses made specifically for this purpose. You may also want to grow your hair a little longer and have it professionally layered, so that it can be brushed forward to cover your hairline. If the thinning is occurring on top of your head, it may work to keep the front longer and comb it all back.


The Smooth Look

Most men will get to the point when their bald spot is simply too large to hide; at this point you may find you are ready to shave your head completely. What at first seemed like a desperate measure may be the best grooming decision you ever made! A clean-shaved head can be a great look and it’s the ultimate balding hairstyle.

For best results, you will need a good quality set of electric clippers. Take off the longest sections of hair, then get out your favorite shaving gel — this gives a better finish than a cream. Lather it up then reach for your razor. Work from the top, if possible, using a second mirror to guide you. After this initial shave, you will most likely need to shave two or three times weekly.


You will need to treat your shaved head the same way as you treat your face — a moisturizing soap is preferable to a highly-scented one, which can also be very drying. You might also need to experiment to find a daily moisturizer; you will need one with a minimum sun protection factor of 15 to use in the warmer weather. In the winter, you will need a hat or beanie to keep your head warm.

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