The muscles in the abdominal area usually take longer to develop because they require a low body fat percentage to be seen and they are not used as much as other muscle groups prior to targeting them through exercise. As a beginning bodybuilder you need to incorporate abdominal exercises at least three time a week to build your shape proportionately.

Before I go into some main abdominal exercises for beginning bodybuilders let take a quick look of the abdominal area. It consists of three groups of muscles:


  • Obliquus abdominis — these are usually referred to as the obliques. They start in the region of the lower part of the rib cage and run down to the groin. There is a set of muscles that lie beneath the external obliques, called the internal obliques.
  • Transversus abdominis — this is a small muscle that runs across the stomach in a horizontal path.
  • Rectus abdominis — this set of muscles reaches from the bottom of the chest to the groin area. It is this group of muscles that people call abs. When targeted, they provide a flat wall of muscle that is considered attractive to most.


A basic routine for abdominal exercises for beginning bodybuilders can consist of 15-20 reps in three sets. Start with one set of 15-20 reps per exercise for the first week, then add a set for the next two weeks to work up to three sets of reps per session. Here are some core abdominal workouts to start with.


Well I know I just list a few basic exercises but here is a list of 10 more advanced abs workouts that you would want to do if you need to burn some serious abdominal fats.

It is important not to overwork muscles. To avoid unnecessary damage, try a daily routine like the one listed below:


  1. Abs, biceps and back
  2. Abs, hamstrings and shoulders
  3. Calves, quads and forearms
  4. Abs, triceps and chest


This routine above is simple and gives muscle groups time to rest between sessions.

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