We have to clear all the toxins in our body because they are creating a dump. We can find a lot of ways to clean our body from toxins. In any case, none are as actual as the detoxification of the body with rice.


Here is the process to prepare —

  1. Take regular rice in as much tablespoons as the count of your years (if you are 35 take 35 tablespoons).
  2. Wash and pit into a jar made of glass.
  3. Fill the jar with boiling water, close the cover and put it in the fridge.
  4. Drain the water in the morning. Then cook one full tablespoon of rice 3-4 minutes with no salt.
  5. Eat it in the morning on empty stomach
  6. Again on the remaining rice in the jar put boiling water, and put it in the fridge to the next morning.
  7. Go over this method of clean the body consistently, until there is no more rice in the jar.


The mystery technique lies in the grain of rice that has a crystal-like construction. At the point when the beans are doused up the starch is evacuated and cells are developing. Rice is processed in the digestion systems and not the stomach so this grain acts as retentive (sorbents). With this technique the guts, veins, joints and different parts of the body are discharged of poisons, overwhelming metals and other unsafe substances.

Cleaning the body with rice serves to standardize the digestion system and manages weight. After the treatment you will feel healthier as well as more youthful. There is only one condition: don’t drink or eat anything 3 hours after taking this kind of rice in the morning.

After cleaning, body pains vanish in the back, neck and joints. This treatment impacts are not quick but steady. The cleaning of the body starts in the next two weeks. Furthermore poisons will be tossed out through the urine and discharges.

Whats more, do a rice cleaning of your body today to feel more vibrant and healthier.




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