Best Cardio to Burn Fat


Cardio is arguably the most common form of exercise, and is used to burn fat, shed calories and improve overall fitness. However, there is debate over which type of cardio is the best type for overall fitness, and for shedding the most calories.

Everyone knows that both low and high intensity exercise is successful at burning off body fat effectively. However, in this article, we will be discussing which type is the best and more effective way to shed the extra weight quickly!

Originally, scientists discovered that during high intensity exercise, the body is more inclined to burn glycogen, a carbohydrate stored in your liver and your muscles. At the same time, they claimed that low intensity exercise burnt more body fat.

However, later research has found this to be flawed. Low intensity work outs have not been shown to have much of a positive effect on weight loss, fat burning or general health improvement. Thus, levels of obesity have continued to rise.

While the scientists were correct that the body burns fat during low intensity exercises, they neglected to highlight that high intensity exercises (such as running) burn a lot more calories in comparison. The glycogen depletion that the body suffers during high intensity work outs leads to further weight loss later, as the food that you eat after your work out gets converted into glycogen instead of fat. Thus, you do not put on any more weight, or increase fat stores in your body.

Thus, it is clear that high intensity work outs will increase and improve your metabolism long after you have finished working out. This is an effect that is almost non-existent after a low intensity cardio workout. If you want your body to continue burning calories long after you have left the gym, then high intensity work outs are the better option.

For those of us wanting to start out slowly, it is best to begin by introducing high intensity exercises into your workout in short bursts. For example, you can work at a low level pace by walking for 5 minutes, before increasing to high intensity by jogging for 5 minutes again; walk briskly for another 5 minutes, then sprint for 1 minute. Continuing this for the duration of your exercise period will increase the effectiveness of your techniques.

Thankfully, cardio increases your energy over the long term, instead of depleting it. You will only become more energetic, stronger and fitter as you continue with your training. It is highly effective at burning calories and increasing over all energy levels.

For those of you who have never tried cardio before, it is certainly worth giving it a shot. It will help you to top off your exercise regime and give you the results that you desire quickly and effectively. Just be careful not to push yourself too hard too quickly! Build up slowly, incorporate it into your lifestyle, and you will soon see the results that you have dreamed of.