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Bodybuilding for beginners can be a tough experience if proper guidance is not there. This is a complete guide that will provide you all kind of assistance for building a great body. I have discussed a brief checklist what you need to get started in bodybuilding.


1. Motivation

The very first thing to bodybuilding is to get motivated. Here, individuals are required to be positive as well as realistic. They must assess their current condition as well as realize where they wish seeing themselves after 3 months or a year. Determine your goals and remain focused. Prior to beginning bodybuilding workouts, consult your physician for complete body check-up. This will make you aware of areas of the body that are prone to injuries so that you can be careful while performing workouts. Individuals have to be committed towards their regime. They should know that changes would happen incrementally so being patient is highly demanded. Characteristics of successful bodybuilders are dedication and persistence.


2. Bodybuilding Supplements

There are few bodybuilding supplements that can be used. Prior to using any of the supplements given below, consult your trainer and dietician.

  • Whey Protein Powder – This is mass-gaining supplement, extremely important for enhancing protein synthesis. It is milk protein that contains high levels of BCAAs (branded-chain amino acids). This protein powder gets digested quickly to muscles. It contains small proteins (peptides) that help in increasing flow of blood to muscles.
  • Casein Protein Powder – Casein has slow rate of digestion but still it is ideal as pre-bedtime snack primarily because it helps in preventing catabolism while one is sleep by slow and steady emptying. This protein powder makes individual feel full hence is good for those who want muscle mass pack. It boosts synthesis of muscle protein. When its shake is consumed post training, it increases growth of muscles better.
  • BCAAS (branched-chain amino acids) – This term refers to valine, leucine, and isoleucine, the most vital amino acids that helps repair and build muscle tissues. Of all three, leucine is highly critical as it stimulates synthesis of muscle protein. All 3 work together to increase muscle growth, muscle breakdown, and energy during workouts.
  • Nitric Oxide Boosters – NO (Nitric oxide) molecule is present throughout your body and is involved in several processes. It can dilate blood vessels that in turn allow more flow of blood to muscles for increased delivery of anabolic hormones, water, nutrients, and oxygen. It provides increased energy during workout, better muscle growth and recovery, and enhanced muscle pump.


3. Bodybuilding Gears

When looking for bodybuilding for beginners tips, most trainers would recommend you have some essential gears. Some of these are as follows:

  • Mixer, bottles, and shakers – Make use of nutrition shakes mixers and convenient shakers. Carry water bottle as well for staying hydrated.
  • Gloves – High quality gloves must be used while performing workout so as to enhance grip as well as move iron with ease.
  • Belts – Weight lifting belt of high quality will assist in preventing lower back injuries as well as offer support to core muscles.
  • Others – Some other accessories include wraps, grips, hooks, straps, body measurement, fitness trackers, injury & recovery support, towels, bags, supplement accessories, videos, books, and music accessories.


4. Body Part Training

Body Part training is the first workout that should be performed. This is group exercise in which one muscle group is trained at one time. This sort of bodybuilding workout is extremely efficient. This includes circuit training in which you perform movements for varying parts of the body back-to-back without any rest. All major groups of muscles are developed for preventing risk of injury and imbalance. Major groups are arms (triceps and biceps), back, shoulders, chest, abdominal and legs.

Here is a routine you can follow to start training —

For A Beginner Bodybuilder

  • I would recommend exercising 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).
  • Monday focus on your upper physical body
  • Wednesday concentrate on your lower physical body
  • Friday focus on cardio (running, swimming, as well as running) at least Thirty Minutes


  • I would advise exercising 4 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).
  • Monday focus on upper body and triceps muscles.
  • Tuesday concentrate on back and biceps.
  • Thursday concentrate on shoulders as well as core.
  • Friday concentrate on legs as well as calves.
  • Before each workout do at least 15 minutes of cardio (jogging, swimming, and running).


At this moment you understand just what you’re doing and also I recommend you research and determine merely what type of physical body you want achieving. Away there are numerous paths you could take that will absolutely change your physical body. If you ever before get perplexed, just do not neglect to always fall back to the essentials.


5. Weights

Next workout for bodybuilding is weights. During initial training sessions, one requires going light so as to get the feel of how to do movements correctly. Once beginners are comfortable with form, they can start adding weights. For second set, some small plates can be included and workout can be repeated. Once your trainer feels you are fine with adding more weights, they will add some bit of more weight. Weights should be added continuously until individuals find it tough doing 8 to 12 reps. At this point that one must stick with the weights they are doing. This will make them strong and they’ll become capable of increasing their reps count.


6. Sets

Set is the other bodybuilding workout that is pretty common. Set is combination of different count of reps of single workout. Being beginners, one would normally prefer doing one to two light sets of warm-up of every movement prior to switching to one to three heavier sets. This becomes equal to two to four total sets for each workout.


7. Reps

Next comes reps. Rep is single workout execution. When beginners are doing set of ten bicep curls in consecutive manner, that is equal to ten reps. In the beginning, for initial 2 weeks, you require keeping weights much light so that you are able to complete nearly fifteen reps in proper form. Its change for beginners to keep practicing good form when they are working on their neuromuscular coordination as well as lean proper ‘feel’ for their movement. The development of this feel would become much critical in later stage as it would tell whether the workout is working or not. Keep your Reps to 6-12 for best results to build muscle.


8. Proper Movement

Make use of smooth and controlled movement during every phase of your lifts. This deliberate rep speed would produce greatest results especially for beginner bodybuilders. Doing super-fast reps and that too with jerking and ballistic movements could be harmful to connective tissues and muscles. Maximum bodybuilders make use of formula that approximates 2-second positive contraction, momentary muscle squeeze at peak contraction point, and 2 second negative contraction that is lowering of weight.


9. Breathing

Breathing as well as resting between sets is extremely important. Maximum beginners aren’t much bothered about breathing till they start lifting weights. But this must come naturally. Begin every set with deep inhale and exhale as one is pushing through most difficult lift parts. Resting between sets is recommended but this should be till the time one doesn’t feels completely recovered from their previous set. This would normally range from 45 seconds to 90 seconds. Small muscles would take less time whereas longer muscle groups would take more time for recovering.


10. Eat A Proper Bodybuilding Diet

Food is very important for your bodybuilding success. It is a fuel to repair and build big muscles. You need to eat healthy and at the same time increase your calories and protein intake. Every bodybuilder needs to eat 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight per day! Well don’t get scared. There are many whey protein supplements you can use to facilitate this.


So if you’re a newbie and really have the dedication to exercise to live a healthier lifestyle and look good then this bodybuilding for beginners guide above give you a start.

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