Steroids have been reported on by news sources, magazines and tabloids. They have become a mainstream tale of addiction, becoming the center of speculation when an athlete tests positive for them, leaving fans feeling betrayed and confused. However, in preaching against the evils of steroid abuse, many misconceptions have been conceived and passed with true information.

The truth needs to be told. There are thousands of facts floating around about the drug but it really comes down to the individual and why he or she makes the choice to do steroids in the first place.


The Real Deal About Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is very hard on the body and can be an extremely complicated process. Different people have different reasons for participating in bodybuilding, for personal and competitive reasons, but in the end, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, no matter who the participants are. Anyone that has participated for any length of time knows that it is a sport that will push bodybuilders to their limits.
And, as tough as the sport is, it can be a wonderful motivator in keeping people in shape and health, which motivates some even more to drive themselves even more. For others, it means taking steroids to meet their goals even quicker.

The problem with taking steroids to meet a goal is that the person has to continue to take the steroids to keep that progress. This can result in acne, hair loss and kidney disease — to name a few side effects. And, if it goes on long enough, steroid use can lead to death.


It’s All About the Money

Another contributing factor in steroid use is money. Whereas once bodybuilding was done for the love of the sport and for health, strength and fitness; now people are drawn to the sport for money.

It’s been noted by some that there is little satisfaction in winning through cheating, regardless of the sport. However, when people are promised the world if they will just win this competition, steroid use is a very tempting option — in any sport. The truth is, regardless of what is offered for that short-term win, steroids pose a very serious long-term problem, perhaps even ending in death. There are no shortcuts to the perfect body. It requires dedication, hard work and a long-term commitment.

Many people spend hours a week training their bodies. It provides many benefits, including protecting the body from injuries. When the body is in shape, it doesn’t get injured as quickly when the body is tested, such as when moving furniture, playing football or vigorous activity.


Other Benefits of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding also raises the metabolism, provides protection for joints and trains the body for good control and balance. It also builds physical endurance and provides a more positive mental attitude. When bodybuilding is done right, it even releases endorphins for a natural high, like the high that runners get.

So, while there are definite benefits that come with the sport, it should only be done for the right reasons — health, strength and longevity. If it is done for the promise of money, which carries with it a strong temptation to indulge in steroid use, it should be avoided. Otherwise, people end up exactly where they don’t want to be — in a hospital bed, being scorned and ridiculed.

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