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Life is all about balance. From the cellular level to our habits, without balance serious issues can arise. In the realm of weight loss, nutritional balance is imperative to not only promote weight loss, but to also sustain actual weight loss. For millions of people struggling with their weight, reaching and sustaining a level of nutritional balance for genuine fat loss is a substantial challenge. In terms of lasting weight loss, the key component is monitoring your carbohydrate and fat intake. This is where a carb blocker may be helpful which I’ll discuss later.


Low-Carb Diets – Fast Results with Potentially Harmful After Effects

Low-carb diets rose to fame in the 1990s, and for a while it seemed this way of eating provided the necessary building blocks for genuine fat loss. However, as time progressed, researchers found the majority of foods listed on low-carb meal plans were lacking in vital nutrients to sustain a healthy body and mind. Herein lies the problem. While you may be consuming little carbohydrates, you’re likely consuming a foods high in saturated fats and low in essential nutrients, such as vitamins A, E and B6 as well as iron, potassium and magnesium.

With data pointing to the dangers of low-carb diets, how can you achieve weight loss while still consuming the type of carbohydrates your body requires? The solution – ProShapeRX. This revolutionary weight loss supplement and carb blocker endorsed by physicians and Herbalists throughout the world for its ability to safely promote real fat loss. This weight loss pill has been selling online since before 2006. No company will be in business that long if their product was bad. Plus many customers can attest to its effectiveness.

Instead of relying on sharp advertising copy, the manufacturers of ProShapeRX rely on its scientifically backed list of ingredients. Unlike many carb blocker supplements, which focus on promoting weight loss through a single avenue, ProShapeRX stimulates fat loss through a multifaceted approach. The key to its weight reducing benefits are within its potent herbal ingredients.


ProShapeRX Manufactured With the Highest Quality Herbal Ingredients

While many fat burning pills turn to herbal ingredients for its proprietary blend, few utilize herbs from sources known for its purity and potency. Moreover, few products offer the scope of beneficial herbs than ProShapeRX. The three primary compounds found in this supplement include:

  • Hoodia Gordonii – While still under investigation by the scientific community, preliminary evidence suggests the primary active compounds, known as molecule P57, enhances energy levels within the body by stimulating the metabolism. It’s believed this action results in significant appetite suppression.
  • Chitosan – Made popular by widespread media coverage, chitosan promotes weight loss when used in conjunction with other herbs and lifestyle changes by binding to the fat and cholesterol within the foods you eat. By encasing these compounds, they are unable to be absorbed by your digestive system. Since these cholesterol and fat compounds aren’t absorbed, they’re released without influencing your nutritional balance.
  • White Kidney Bean – While many don’t assume this to be a weight loss herb, the compound known as Phaseolus Vulgaris effectively inhibits the absorption of calories derived from starches. Or more simply put, this compound prevents carbohydrates eaten in your food from being absorbed in your body. By disrupting the natural absorption rate of starch calories, you’re less likely to gain weight from consuming carbohydrate-rich foods.carb blocker proshaperx


Other Carb Blocking and Fat Burning Ingredients:

  • Beet Root (Beta Vulgaris)
  • White Willow Bark – Salix Alba
  • L-Methionine
  • Fenugreek Extract (Trigonella Foenumgraecum)
  • Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)


While many of these ingredients are effective on their own, when combined and taken as one fat fighting formula, the results can be significant.


Backed by Acclaimed Herbalists and Customers

The ingredients used within ProShapeRX are potent, and thousands of people around the country can attest to the power of this supplement; however, what does the medical community have to say about the effectiveness of ProShapeRX?

Although clinical trials with this specific supplement are currently unavailable, when research pertaining to each primary ingredient is taken into account, many professionals in the health and wellness industry support its use and potency as a fat loss supplement. Along with gaining support from professionals, such as Mr. G. Alexander, Medical Herbalist, ProShapeRX features an ever-growing list of positive customer reviews across multiple online platforms.


What You Should Expect with ProShapeRX

It goes without saying, actual results vary based upon your unique body chemistry, diet and exercise routine. According to data provided by the manufacturers of ProShapeRX, many users see visible results within two to three weeks, when combined with regular physical activity. This being noted, it’s plausible to see results sooner or after this established baseline.


Side Effects and Considerations

As with any all-natural supplement, all of the ingredients pose a potential risk of interacting negatively with certain medications. Therefore, it’s imperative to speak with your physician before starting ProShapeRX, or any supplement, if you’re on medications.

vegetarian carb blocker


Vegetarian Carb Blocker

While ProShapeRX is an acceptable choice for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds and cultivate a healthier body, the capsules are not vegetarian. Those looking for a comparable vegetarian carb blocker supplement should investigate Carb Blocker by Evolution Slimming. While it does not feature the same quantity of herbal ingredients, its proprietary formula is based upon the same principles and functions as ProShapeRX.

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