The onset of hair loss is typically not a sudden affliction. What may seem as just a few extra stray hairs on your pillow can slowly progress into a significant loss in hair thickness and quantity. While there are many reasons behind hair loss, the most common factor is a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. For many decades, male and female pattern baldness was only partially understood. That changed upon the discovery of DHT and its interaction with hair follicles. But fortunately, I have discovered an effective DHT blocker that can reduce the effects of it. More below…

To begin to understand how DHT effectively removes hair from follicles, it’s essential to understand how this hormone is created and its function within the body. DHT is actually derived from testosterone, which is found in both men and women; however, men have a substantially higher concentration of this hormone.

When testosterone comes in contact with the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase, which is stored in the hair follicle oil gland, it automatically converts to DHT. For many years, researchers believed the amount of testosterone circulating throughout your body played a direct role in DHT-caused hair loss; however, recent research outlined by the American Hair Loss Association suggests otherwise. Instead, it’s the concentration and ability of DHT to bind to hair follicle receptor sites that causes hair follicles to shrink and cease hair production.

Therefore, to inhibit the destruction of hair loss caused by DHT concentration, you must actively work to minimize the conversion of this hormone while simultaneously inhibiting its ability to bind to receptor sites. While there are many synthetic and herbal supplements geared toward accomplishing this goal, few feature the potency and potential as Profollica DHT Blocker.


Profollica – A Two Step Approach to All Natural Hair Growth

Unlike many DHT blockers and various products that claim to promote hair growth, Profollica attacks thinning hair from internal supplements to external topical applications. By approaching hair restoration through multiple phases, this product is designed to hinder the conversion of testosterone to DHT while simultaneously cleansing hair follicles and stimulating the “growth” phase of new and damaged follicles.

In order to understand how Profollica works, you must delve into each step of this program and uncover its active ingredients. The first step that many say makes Profollica unlike any other hair stimulating product is its daily supplement.

The daily supplement features a series of complex and potent herbal extracts, proteins, nutrients, amino acids and various enzymes chosen for its ability to block the conversion of DHT by inhibiting the interaction between testosterone and enzyme Type II5-alpha reductase. This action is the result of carefully selected ingredients, which include:


  • Sulfopeptides of Soy – This unique compound directly regulates the nutrition and growth of individual cells, which include hair cells and those found in hair follicles. By supporting cellular health and stimulating protein biosynthesis, researchers from the Cognis Laboratoires Serobiologiques found this compound effectively protects and promotes hair growth.
  • Amino Acids (Tyrosine, Arginine, Ornithine and Citrulline) – These essential amino acids are regarded as precursors to protein synthesis. Since hair is 90% protein, by supporting the synthesis of this compound, you ultimately support the production of new and stronger hair follicles.
  • Aminosaccharide (Glucosamine) – This potent compound strengthens hair at its core by supporting the extracellular papillary and peribulbar matrix found in the center of every hair strand.


While these are only a few of the active ingredients found in the daily supplement, it’s easy to see how this product works by strengthening hair follicles from the cellular level. Supporting hairs at this level helps prevent damage caused by DHT by actively combating its effects on otherwise healthy hair follicles.


Profollica Activator DHT Blocker Gel Trichogen

Although the dietary supplement establishes the stage for hair growth, the Activator Gel is the powerhouse step designed to actively seek out DHT and block its invasion on healthy hair follicles. Designed with Trichogen, which is a special formulation of amino acids, proteins and various nutrients, the makers of Profollica suggest it immediately begins to nourish hair while warding off the harmful effects of DHT.

In fact, users of this product claim the DHT blocker within the gel begins to promote hair growth within a matter of weeks, not months. While this does not mean it will begin to regrow your hair within the same time frame, up to 90 percent of users claim this gel regrows thicker, healthier hair after using for several months.


The Bottom Line – Is Profollica Worth Your Money?

Why you should use Profollica hair regrowth systemprofollica dht blocker

  • Helps to reduce the conversion of 5 Alpha Reductase to DHT
  • Promotes the growth of healthy new hair
  • Stimulates blood circulation and nutrient availability to follicles
  • Controls scalp oiliness and sebum production to a manageable level
  • Reawakens sleeping hair follicles so they can grow again
  • Increases hair’s overall quality as well as elasticity, suppleness, texture and sheen
  • Protects against harmful sun damage


Also when you checkout, you would have the option to buy the Profollica Shampoo which is a great add-on for more effectiveness and faster results.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say whether or not this DHT blocker will work for you. Because of this unique genetic and physiological factors that go into hair loss, blanket statements regarding results are unwise. This being noted, the potent ingredients and clinical trials describing the benefit of the proprietary Trichogen blend are promising. Ultimately, the deciding factor is up to you to discover.