The presence of belly fat is a very distracting view. It just instantly drags down a person’s confidence level knowing that it also is a sign that healthy options have not been met. Yet, a lot of people have embraced the advantage of running to burn belly fat. But does running burn belly fat effectively?

Basically, everything that involves movement is a great way to burn calories and fat and to tone up sagging skin as well. This includes running. However, running alone may not be enough. There has to be other practices that should be coupled with the practice in order to win the deal.

If you find yourself wondering if running can really burn belly fat, it is safe to say that it does. But if you want to hasten the process, the following are some effective ways to couple with running to burn belly fat.


1. Reduce caloric intake

Calories are the number one perpetrators of belly fat. If these are not metabolized immediately inside the body, they comes deposited in certain areas like the belly.

However, calories should only be reduced and not fully gotten rid of. The fact is, it is still the major energy giving nutrient in the body. Though fats can be utilized for energy, excessive utilization of fats will only cause ketones to build up. Once these reach the brain, the functions of the body are interfered with and may even cause abnormal brain activities.


2. Fuel body with Protein

When running, you make use of your muscles. It is true that muscles wear out too. This means that you will really need to have something to repair muscles while running to make sure that your belly-flattening deal will come to be successful.

And you have protein to the rescue. It is the nutrient responsible for tissue repair and cell regeneration. You will need a lot of this to maintain good muscle function while running. Some examples of protein rich foods include lean beef, skinless chicken, tuna, eggs and whole grains.


3. Do not limit exercise spots

Truth is, one cannot just spot one area of the body to reduce body fats from. Exercises should not be limited to just the belly for it will not be effective. Instead, run to burn calories and make use of all parts of the body while exercising to achieve optimal results.


4. Tone Stomach

Running alone will never help you achieve the form you want; especially when belly fat is your target. If done singly, it will only leave your belly looking saggy. The fats are gotten rid of, yet the excess skin left after the fat is gone still exists. Of course, no one would like to have such a view.

So instead of solely running, take time to tone your stomach, too. Do abdominal hold to help skin come back to its tighter form. Besides, skin is elastic so it is possible to tone it down. Squatting may also help. While squatting, take time to move the torso to the left and to the right before maintaining a standing position again. Do the practice for up to 12 times in order to condition the skin.


5. Do Strength Training

Running is unquestionably a good belly fat burner. However, it becomes more effective if strength training is also introduced. Through strength training, your muscles are actually encouraged to work harder. This in turn will help to belly burn fat effectively.

Not only does strength training help burn fats and tone the stomach, it also is effective in increasing metabolism. Plus, it does help maintain good cardiovascular functions.


6. Reduce stress

Running or any other exercises are good mood boosters. However, increased stress levels will only keep your pace slowed down. It actually drags energy down and you will find yourself drained rather than energized. Your immune system will also drop which provides an opportunity for diseases to get in.

Before running, make sure that your mind is conditioned. The most effective way is to warm up with a simple meditation or yoga session. This way, you will feel lighter and more geared up to run.


7. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages

All of your efforts in reducing belly fat through running will just be pointless if you are still drinking alcoholic beverages. Even if you have been running hard, the practice will still be unsuccessful if alcohol is a part of your life. This is because alcohol slows down metabolic functions which in turn may hinder absorption of nutrients and may encourage fat deposits.



I would advice not to rely or ponder much if does running burn belly fat, but do bodybuilding and ab exercises for better and faster results. However, running is undoubtedly a good exercise to get rid of belly fat. Any active movement will do. But, the process can still be hastened and the success rate can be increased by using the tips mentioned above.

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