Top 7 Fat Burning Fruits

Check out these videos showing the top fat burning fruits that can help you lose weight quickly.



The least that a person could wish for is to have excessive amount of fats in the body. Way too different from other excess nutrients in the body, excess fat can really be seen. Its locations are strategic too, areas such as the buttocks, the arms, legs and face – the areas that are visible to the naked eye.

Fat is so troublesome that a lot of people would shell out thousands of dollars just to have it cleared. However, the effects of surgery and medications in clearing fats are usually temporary. This means that you might be spending a lot of money on medical procedures that will not completely eradicate your problem.

Contrary to the popular notion, the way to clear fat completely is actually inexpensive. The safest and most effective way of shedding weights is eating fat burning fruits. The following are the fruits that are proven to have fat burning properties.


1. Blueberries

Blueberries and other berries from this family have been proven to burn fat effectively. These contain antioxidants that sweep away toxins inside the body thus clearing the cells from whatever toxin it comes in contact with. The effect is a faster metabolism.

A fast metabolism means the foods eaten are processed quickly and efficiently. With this, there is no time for food to actually get deposited as fat deposits. The needed nutrients are absorbed and the excess is excreted out of the system.
Since blueberries are good for metabolism, it is just right to have them included in the diet plan. They can be mixed with cereals and milk for a nutritious breakfast or it can be mixed with yogurt for a yummy snack.


2. Coconut

Coconut is also a fat burning fruit. It comes in abundant in tropical countries and is known because of its indubitable uses. This fruit on the other hand aids in burning fat through its triglyceride content. Triglycerides are effective in increasing the metabolic rate which as mentioned earlier can clear fat deposits effectively.

Aside from this, it also gives that feeling of fullness even though only a small amount is consumed. As it limits appetite, the person feels full and stops eating possible ‘fat’ containing foods in excess.


3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes should never be left out from the list. They contain antioxidants, phytochemicals and lycopene that are all effective in clearing fats from the system.

Antioxidants hasten metabolism by clearing out harmful toxins. So do phytochemicals that prevent cancer causing receptors from binding with free radicals. Lycopene does a lot in neutralizing fats in the body as well. With the super trio, nothing will really beat tomatoes from being a fat burning fruit.

There are a lot of tomato varieties. They can be included in daily meals and snacks. Some people also include it in juices for a healthy snack.

4. Apples

Apples contain a whole lot of fiber. Fiber also sweeps harmful toxins from the digestive tracts thus reducing the existent fat deposits and the possibility of depositing fats. Because of their fiber contents, they also allow the body to feel full thus decreasing appetite.


5. Bananas

Bananas also contain fiber which is undeniably a fat burner. But what makes them so special is their potassium content.
Aside from the fact that potassium fuels the body should extreme exercise be induced, it also is effective in building muscles that may in turn help burn fats fast.


6. Lemons

This Vitamin C rich fruit should be taken daily for a dose of antioxidants. As what was mentioned earlier, antioxidants come to sweep away toxins and hasten metabolism as well which promotes the shedding off of excess fats.

It also contains Naringenin which is said to even out insulin levels. As insulin levels are neutralized, the body is saved from craving fat containing foods.

Just like with apples, it also is rich in fiber and has an abundant water content which in turn makes a person feel full easily.


7. Watermelon

This fruit is rich in fiber, too. Fiber, as mentioned earlier comes as a good aide to help rid fat deposits from the body. It also is rich with water content that will make a person feel fuller.

As a naturally sweet fruit, it can be a good snack just to sate your sweet tooth without getting out of the healthy line.



These are just some of the many fruits that have been proven effective in clearing excessive fat deposits inside the body. These fruits are even included in most fat burning food supplements and fruit juices. But, getting the fresh forms of these fruits are even more effective. Also as you can see form the list above, these fat burning fruits are readily available in all supermarkets.

If you will just look at the bigger picture, you can clearly see that these fruits are all rich in fiber, can stabilize blood sugar and aid in digestion that would all make up the fat burning team.