Garcinia Cambogia


Wait! Don’t leave this page until you read this Garcinia Cambogia review. Why? Because this is not your regular weight loss pill that you buy at your local Walgreen or RiteAid etc. Garcinia Cambogia from Bauer Nutrition is formulated with a unique garcinia cambogiablend of another powerful fat burning ingredient which I’ll come to in a little while.

First of all Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia Cambogia was first made popular on Dr. Oz show a few years back. People went crazy to buy these products. Many of them got good results and many did not. It also came to a point where Dr. Oz was questioned about his “miracle” claimed on these ingredients above.

The thing to note here is that people who don’t get any results was because either the product the purchased was made with inferior ingredients and/or they didn’t follow a diet and exercise program for optimal weight loss. Well I got good news for you. Garcinia Cambogia manufactured by Bauer Nutrition is made from superior quality ingredients with the highest concentration needed to shed fat.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule twice daily 30 minutes before meal with a large glass of water. This product is Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly.


How Bauer Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia is Different from the Regular Brands

The unique point about this product fat burner is that it is formulated with 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia and 200mg of Raspberry Ketone proven to accelerate your fat breaking capabilities. This powerful blend of super-fruits help suppress appetite, boost metabolism and reduce sugar levels.

Let’s take a closer look at these ingredients found in this fat burner supplement –


Garcinia Cambogia

It contains 1000mg with 60% HCA. This is more than the 50% recommended to loose weight. Lets take a look into the origin of this fruit. Garcinia Cambogia also known as Malabar Tamarind or Brindle Berry is a pumpkin like fruit native to Southeast Asia. It is used for centuries as a powerful aid for digestive and inflammatory conditions.garcinia cambogia supplement

However, studies have shown that the extract, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), from the rind of this fruit, helps to inhibit fat production, burns more stored fat, reduces appetite and improves mood. Actually some health professionals describe Garcinia Cambogia as ‘The Holy Grail of Weight Loss’.

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), researchers believe works by blocking an enzyme called ATP-Citrate Lyase. This enzyme is responsible for converting carbohydrates into fats. So with the help of HCA more carbohydrate calories can be stored as glycogen, which can then be used for energy production. As you can see less fat is converted from carbohydrate calories for storage. Also HCA may help reduce your food cravings by stopping your brain from telling your stomach that it’s time to eat.

Now all these researches and studies sound like exciting news but the best part is that you can used HCA safely without the bad side effect such as jitteriness. So if you’re looking for an anti-caffeine fat burner then this Garcinia Cambogia from Bauer nutrition is right for you.

Here are some benefits you can expect form using this product —

  • Inhibits fat production
  • Increases energy levels and fat metabolism
  • Increased Serotonin to balance moods and prevent emotional eating
  • Supports digestive function


Raspberry Ketone

There is 200mg of Raspberry Ketone in one tablet which is more than the minimum recommended daily dose. So do you think you can get that amount from eating raspberries? Hell No! Because you have to eat 180 lbs of raspberries! Hmmm… the question arises if this dosage is safe. I’ll answer calmly with a big YES – with the condition, only use for weight loss. A study shown that Raspberry Ketone is a potent fat burner. Actually the celestial aroma of red raspberries is from a natural phenolic compound called Raspberry Ketones.

A study shown that Raspberry ketone increase expression and secretion of Adiponectin. You see, Adiponectin is a protein hormone which modulates a number of metabolic processes – including glucose regulation and fatty acid-catabolism.garcinia cambogia testimonial Researched has shown that your level of Adiponectin are reciprocally correlative with your body fat percentage. Meaning the higher the Adiponectin which you can get from this thermogenic pill, the lower the levels of body fat.

In plain English, this means Raspberry Ketones go to all your fat cells in your body – in your belly, butt or thighs – and make them readily available for energy. Now you have to hit the gym to see the magic of how your body burns up its fat cells.


The Final Verdict

Let me remind you that this product was made from the best form of the ingredients discussed above for purity and quality. After researching which is one of the best fat burners for men on the market, I’m forced to include this product Garcinia Cambogia from Bauer Nutrition. Why? Apart from its quality, the combination of ingredients just make sense for fast weight loss. Many customers of Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone said that they work. And combining these two ingredients into one supplement is like a dream come true.

So if you want to suppress your appetite and burn fats the fast and easy way then, incorporate Garcinia Cambogia from Bauer Nutrition into your exercise regimen.

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