Forget the Marvel Comic Look!

Thankfully, developing exaggerated body shapes is becoming a thing of the past, and many bodybuilders have realized they don’t need to look like a comic book hero to feel great and look confident.

But you may want to balance your natural proportions by working on the V-shape. It’s tempting to just concentrate on the back muscles and lats but that’s not the whole story when it comes to the V. You also need to look at working on your chest and shoulders, as well as paying attention to your obliques to define your waist.


Developing your Deltoids

The biggest obstacle to achieving well-developed deltoids is lack of intensity. This muscle group is made up of the front delt — the anterior deltoid muscle, the middle delt — the medial deltoid, and the back delt — the posterior deltoid muscle. A well-balanced shape is the result of working on all three muscles with equal intensity.

However, it’s quite common to concentrate on only one of these muscles, such as happens when performing multiple military presses, to the neglect of the other two. Unfortunately, this problem is compounded when other exercises, such as the bench press, pushups and dips are included — since they also develop the shoulder muscles and you risk the danger of over-developing them.


Stick to your Form for To Reduce Injury

Proper form is very important when it comes to shoulder muscle exercises, since your shoulder joints are very prone to strain and injury. Always keep in mind that no-one is immune from potentially permanent damage that could limit or end your future in the gym.

The narrow grip upright row is one of the exercises that frequently causes damage to the shoulders. Since the movement is so unnatural and awkward, it is best to avoid this one altogether.


The Best Exercises for Strong Deltoids

Some of the best exercises to build strong deltoids are: the lateral raise, the shoulder width upright row, bent over lateral raises, the Arnold press, the good old military press and shoulder cable exercises.

You can look at the video playlist above for these deltoids exercises, and also discuss with your personal trainer, who can give you specific advice on selecting the right exercises for your workout. You can ask him to show you the correct form so you are learning it right from day one. Build those big delts for sure, and define your waist with obliques but leave the exaggerated V to the super heroes.

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