How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage


Everyone looking to lose weight should know how to calculate his/her body fat percentage. Keep in mind that if you want to embark on a weight loss plan, then the fat you currently have is more important than your weight.

If you ought to be determining anything, it should be your physical body fat percent and not your weight. Your weight does not precisely show the level of your fitness.

Physical body fat is determined by what is called Body Mass Index or BMI.

A women in shape should have a body fat percentage ranging from 21% — 31%. However a female in great shape can have a body fat percentage as low as 10%.

If you are a healthy and fit man, your physical body fat percent should be between 14% — 25%. A man in superb shape can have a body fat percentage as low as 2%.

Now to calculate your body fat percentage, type in your correct weight in a calculator and multiply it by 703. Write down the number you have above on a piece of paper. Clear your calculator. Now type in your height in inches and multiply it by 703. Write down the product on the same piece of paper. The last step is to divide the weight number by the height number. The answer you got is your BMI.

Let’s look at an example –

Your weight in pounds = 150
Multiply by 150 by 703 = 105,450

Your height is 5”4”. In inches = 64
Multiply 64 by 703 = 4,096

Divide 105,450 by 4,096 = 25.7 BMI

There are different methods to calculate your BMI however this above will give you a quick idea of your body fat percentage. Remember, by figuring out your present body fat percentage, you can set better fitness goals and actionable steps.


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