Your whole body looks good when your abs look good. It is one thing to have big arms and a large chest, but it is totally different to have defined abs that are rock hard.

There is nothing that turns heads like a solid, full set of abs. Not to mention, chicks love them. What else can be said?

Most people don’t realize that the Rectus Abdominis, or abs, only represent one muscle. This muscle stretches from the peak of your pelvis up to the tip of your rib-cage. The sections of this muscle are what we call the “six pack”. So if you are wondering how to get a six pack fast — its not hard, but it takes consistency and effort.


Dispelling the Ab Myths

The function of each muscle is simply to contract. When you can’t contract half of your bicep or quad, it is reasonable to assume that you also cannot contract half of your abs as well. For this reason, the “lower ab”, “upper ab” training myth is complete nonsense. Without discounting those methods, it is simply a fact that if you cannot see your lower abs, you have fat covering them, not necessarily meaning you need to work them harder.

You can do without straight-leg raises, hanging-knee-raises, and all other types of leg raises. They aren’t effective. Abs are used primarily to stabilize your body. For example, your hip flexors pull on your back and arch it forward or downward when you lift your leg. The role of your abs in this action is stabilizing through resistance, which, ultimately, keeps your back from breaking.

Notice, this is the static function of the abs. They don’t build or strengthen. The repeated strain and exhaustion of your muscle-producing catabolic, lactic acid build up that you feel during leg raising only gives the impression that they are working your abs. In actuality, they are not.


What Really Works

The same action that strengthens other muscles in your body also works for your abs. Contraction! With this, the distance between your rib cage and your pelvis decreases. We need to return to the basics and review the simple sit-up. Yet, you should keep a few things in mind.

For example, first remove the idea of the famous all-the-way-up sit-ups that you picture in the movies. When your shoulders are approximately 5 to 6 inches off of the ground, your abs fully contract. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to touch your elbows to your knees simply to impress or outperform another. Replace that exercise with “crunches”.

Secondly, avoid placing your feet under an object to prevent yourself from getting up. Instead, place your knees at 45 degrees to your waist while your legs are 90 degrees to each other. In order to stabilize yourself, use something to press your heels against. In an effort to stay focused on your abs, this will allow you to use your hamstrings rather than your hip flexors.

Thirdly, keep your hands either crossed over your chest or lightly held against the side of your head. Refrain from clasping your hands together behind your neck or head. If you do so, while getting out the last few reps, you will be tempted to pull your hands, causing an unnecessary strain on a delicate part of your spine.

Alternatively… kneeling crunches are another good exercise for the abs. This exercise is performed with special equipment. Your upper body will arch forward or downward, as you kneel and contract your abs.

To add extra resistance, hold a rope attached to a pulley, with weights. There is a rope attachment to the triceps pull-down in order to perform this exercise at most gyms. The general idea is to pull down only with your abs and not your arms, as you lock your arms against your upper body.


Ab Training Devices

In 2 words – Forget it.

They are not needed. Most do nothing for you. It is challenging to build muscle. Most of these devices con you into thinking you are targeting your muscles but, in essence, they are designed to simply take the pressure off of your body, making the exercise seem easier. Don’t give in to the hype. Ab training may be challenging but it is definitely worth the reward.


The secret how to get a six pack fast is not in building the muscle. The key is carving out enough fat from your body in order for them to show. It is likely apparent that spot-reduction of your fat is not the answer. Instead, showing those abs requires overall fat loss.

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