Have you ever striven unsuccessfully to achieve a V-shape with your upper body? There may be a good reason why you have not gained the results you want. The secret how to get a V taper is that you need to focus on achieving a whole-body X-frame and not just work your upper body in order to get a V-taper.

The V-shape taper is the ideal that every man lifting weights is striving to build. However, to develop a truly awesome V-taper you need to take into account the X-frame and not just concentrate on your upper body. This is where most men go wrong, because they start in where they think they need to focus and so many have found that even after years of training, that perfect V-shape eludes them.

It is a bit like building a house; you need a solid foundation of well-constructed legs, back and overall muscle mass to allow your V-shape to drop into view. The V-taper is partly illusory, created by a wide back, monumental deltoids and a hefty chest, all of which contribute to the visual effect of the taper. Add in some very well developed triceps, and some powerful deltoids, and the V-shape is yours! Reduce the muscle to fat ratio in your abs before you even start working on them for even better results.

So how does training your lower body command an upper body that the other guys at the gym will strive to emulate? Well, when you are training legs, so many other muscle groups are used that you get a lot of muscle mass for your effort, and this builds a strong frame for shaping your upper body the way you want.

Legs give you more muscle for your sweat, and this means that you will have a higher growth hormone secretion when sleeping.

So training legs are a must for that V-shape, and remember, what you are doing is working up an X-frame and when you do that you will find the V-taper easy to establish. Concentrate also on working out your back, because the wider the back the better the “V”!


Working The Back

  • A thicker back makes the waist appear more tapered.
  • Lots of exercises for the back work the rear deltoids and trapezius too for increasing the appearance of a small waist.
  • Train for thickness as well as width to enhance the visual effect.
  • “Slow-mo” controlled push-ups, regular chin-ups, deadlifts and barbell rows are all excellent for training the back.


Triceps And Deltoids

  • Do not forget to work the triceps, they are 33% bigger than your biceps and have three separate ‘heads’. You should work each one separately for maximum results.
  • Working the triceps gives you bigger upper arms faster, adding to your upper body girth.
  • Deltoids also have three ‘heads’ and you shouldn’t ignore the back delts! (A common mistake).
  • Try some upright rows, lateral raises and bent-over lat raisers to build full, rounded rock-like delts.


Abs and Pecs

No shortcuts here, if you have fat over your abs, get reducing first before you try and train the abs, or you’ll end up with a thicker waist. Eat a fat-loss diet, train your lower body and include some cardio.
When working on the chest focus on the upper part of the chest, you do not want “moobs”! Use heavy training when working with barbells and dumbbells machines. Do not use a flat bench; choose an incline or even a decline.

Put it all together for a perfect X and watch as that V pops right out!

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