How To Make A Healthy Pizza?

13 Aug 2017Viral News

Those who try to feed healthy avoid pizza maximally. It is reasonable, considering the amount of calories, fat and chemical additives that are found in it. However, small changes in the preparation of traditional recipes of pizza can turn pizza in healthy and delicious meal.How to make a healthy pizza

Dough Avoid preparing dough with flour, like frozen pizza dough. Instead knead dough with whole wheat, which has a much higher nutritional value than white flour, and is delicious too.

Sauce various types of ketchup that are found on the shelves in supermarkets are filled with a variety of chemical additives. Instead of them, brush the dough with homemade tomato sauce, olive oil and spices. Not only it is healthier, but it has better taste than ketchup.

Meat Most delicatessen products barely contain meat in them, and besides that they are being filled with chemical additives that adversely affect metabolism. The next time when you are preparing pizza, replace them with chicken or turkey meat, a little bacon or ham.

Vegetables Tomatoes , peppers , onions , garlic , zucchini , mushrooms , olives … Only imagination is the limit to what all vegetables you can put in your pizza . It is only important to put greater quantity.

Cheese Finally, put any cheese, but its best to be low fat.


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