There are many things that contribute to the causes of foot pain. One cause is wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. This causes calluses and bunions. Another cause is being overweight or obese. This increases the chances of injuries or foot problems.

A great tip for buying shoes is to buy them in the afternoon. This is when your feet are their largest due to swelling. If you like to wear heels, keep them no more than one inch high.

Calluses occur when the layers of skin thickens. They are caused by repeated friction or pressure. Calluses are usually seen on the side or top of a toe because shoes don’t fit properly. A bunion occurs when the big toe points to the second toe. This causes a bump to appear on the edge of the foot. It may also appear at the joint of the big toe.

Narrow, high-heeled shoes that push the second toe and big toe together can cause bunions. This condition is mostly seen in women. It sometimes runs in families. Fluid-filled sacs can start to form at the base of the big toe and cause pain.


Water Massage

Baths of cold and hot water can prove to be very helpful in reducing pain and swelling of the foot. This is what you do:

  1. In cold water, soak your feet for five minutes.
  2. Move your feet to a container of tolerable hot water. The temperature should be a little more than lukewarm.
  3. In hot water, soak your feet for five minutes.
  4. Return your feet to cold water.

This simple process opens and closes the blood vessels in your feet and invigorates them. When you are finished, try using a moisturizing lotion and massage the feet.



Ointments made from capsaicin are especially good at relieving foot pain. It helps in relieving the blaze that is caused by burning feet. This works especially well for diabetics. The ointment may cause a burning sensation for some people. But this should not cause alarm because it lessens over time.

The effects of capsaicin ointment are superb. Many diabetics report that they saw great improvement as opposed to other brands of creams. Another advantage is that these ointments are applied onto the skin and not in the body. This reduces the risk of system side effects.


Carefully Break in New Shoes

New shoes are the culprit of a lot of foot problems, especially if you tend to use them strenuous walking, hiking or running. People with new shows should not over exert themselves or they may experience excruciating pain associated with break-in.

It is important to choose the right shoe shape and size when it comes to avoiding foot problems. You should purchase shoes that match the arch of the foot. This is so that you do not cause too much tension on the foot. As previously mentioned, try to shop for shoes during the afternoon. This is when your feet are largest.

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