Men can learn a thing or two on how to satisfy a woman in bed. However, what it really takes is better understanding of one’s partner’s needs. The idea is to place the women’s needs first, ahead of yours and always make things exciting.

Accordingly, the most influential sex organ of the human body is not in their underpants, but in their head. The brain plays a significant role in obtaining a satisfying sexual experience. If the mind is ready to have awesome sex, chances are all the other parts of the body will follow through and it will be an all-around satisfying experience. Therefore, learning to making her mind enjoy first is the way to satisfy a woman in bed.

The following are some tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed effectively —


1. Undress Her Slowly

Instead of you taking off each other’s clothes, try removing her clothes slowly, taking every opportunity to see her body as you bare her skin. The thought that her partner is getting excited while he is taking off her clothes off piece-by-piece delivers great sensuality, extending the notion that he is very excited all the way.


2. Take Time to Engage in Foreplay

Many men tend to hurry foreplay and focus on their woman’s stimulation with less consideration. Just because the man is all warmed-up and ready does not mean that his partner is ready as well. This is not how to satisfy a woman in bed. Take time for foreplay and take every opportunity to arouse your woman to a higher level.


3. Talk Dirty to Her

Love your women with words in the bedroom. While in bed, women sometimes love to hear phrases that suggest how turned on you are with her, that you love her body very much and other related phrases that will make her feel beautiful and wanted. It will also help saying the phrases with a lot of lust in the tone of your voice.


4. Provide More Attention to Her Breasts

During foreplay, most men commonly pamper the women’s breasts and neglect them during the main event. What men do not know is that caressing the breasts stimulates a bigger orgasm. Additionally, attention should not only be given just to the nipples because the entirety of the breast has nerves particularly on the underside.

If she is on the top, you can do wide, slow circles stroking using your fingertips commencing around the area of one breast and progress by spiraling towards the nipple. Use your hand to cup and lift her breast’s underside and licking slowly around the nipple before mouthing it entirely and sucking gently. This is one of the best ways of satisfying a woman in bed.


5. Tell Her What to Do

Many women wanted their man to be in charge in the bedroom and tell them exactly the things that pleasure him. Men do not have do it forcefully, but simple acts such as leading where to put her hands or telling her what position she has to be in, can please her as much as you. Half of their pleasure is to please their man.


6. Pulling Hair Gently

Thousands of nerves are found in the scalp area and when women are aroused, these nerves become more sensitive and pulling her hair can add additional stimulation. However, do not do it if you are positioned behind her. The most effective instance is when she is on top and you can grab some strands of hair close to the scalp, gently pulling them. This works best while having intense and passionate intercourse because by grabbing her in sensitive areas adds the feeling of being ravished.


7. Render a G-Spot Orgasm

The G-spot area is found around two-inches into the vaginal canal. It is dime-sizes and is spongy. Although it is not easy to be felt, you can simply stimulate its vicinity to give her an intense orgasm. Doggie-style can be an effective position to hit it and ask her to lower herself by bending her elbows instead of keeping them straight. Balance her hips, begin thrusting slowly then intensify. Each stroke will rub in the front of the vagina, which will stimulate the spot.


8. Always Kiss Your Woman

Whenever you are in bed with your woman, take every opportunity to kiss her. Kissing is always a turn on for her and one good way to satisfy a woman in bed.


9. Take Note of her Erogenous Zones

Some common erogenous zones of women are the back of neck, ears, knees and toes. However, every woman has her special spot, which switches the body on immediately when stimulated.

Try kissing and nibbling her entire body and take note of the zones that excite her more. This will come handy any time you want to arouse her.


10. Never Roll Over and Fall Asleep

Although falling asleep instantly after having sex is a healthy sign of a secure relationship, it may feel to her like you are taking her for granted. It is best to cuddle a little after sex, touching her hair or pillow talking for a while are both good gestures.


Keeping your partner sexually happy is never that hard, just always keep in mind to place what pleasures her first before considering yours. Remember the tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed and try to apply them to the best of your ability. Also you may want to check out these over the counter erection pills that can help you increase your sexual stamina in bed.

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