In the previous articles you learned about the many ways you can add more intensity to your workouts without compromising quality and risking entering a counterproductive catabolic state from over-training. One final thing to remember about maximizing the time you spend on your workouts is the importance of pushing yourself to achieve muscle failure.

Out of all the repetitions you do, it is when you are shaking, and huffing and puffing throughout the range of motion that your muscles are primed to transform and come back stronger.

Putting in the time to workout will yield half-baked results over a longer period of time if you do not make it a point to exert maximum effort throughout your session. In other words, results that you can see and feel will only come out of pushing your muscles to failure.

The human body has an amazing ability to constantly adapt to stress and physical demands. As you go through your journey to better fitness and even bodybuilding, you will notice certain exercises and weights will cease to challenge you.

Muscle failure that used to take only 10 repetitions will eventually take 12, and while it may feel good to do more repetitions effortlessly, you are not getting the most out of your workout. It may be time to pile on a heavier weight so you can break through that plateau and stimulate another round of muscle growth.

Another word of caution to beginner bodybuilders, however, as not taking enough time to acclimatize your muscles to heavier weights could put you at risk for injury.

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