Know Your Muscles –The Mid Section


The muscles found in the abdominal section or mid section of the body are referred to as core muscles. They help stabilize and provide support for the core section, including the back, but they also enable you to move in a wider range of motion. Without them, many of the movements that you perform in a workout would not be possible. So here are the mid section muscles below that you use while exercising.


  1. Obliquus Abdominis– muscles that allow your stomach bend and move from side to side, bend or twist. They stretch from the lower half of the rib-cage to the groin area. These muscles are on either side of the torso, providing internal and external obliques.
  2. Rectus Abdominis– these are the muscles that create the six pack. They run from the lower half of the chest to the groin area. These muscles are rectangular in shape and are located above the belly button.
  3. Erector Spinae– these muscles help you stand up straight and twist at the waist. They stretch from the side to the lower half of the spine.
  4. Transversus Abdominis– these very important muscles stretch across the entire stomach, holding the internal organs in their proper place, aiding in supporting the spine and in the act of exhaling. Although they play a very important role, they are thin and left out of most bodybuilding discussions.


In understanding the abdominal or mid section muscles you have, you are better equipped to choose routines and exercises that will increase and encourage growth, safely. Remember to keep the proper posture while exercising so you do not cause strain or undue stress to your muscles.