If you’ve ever been curious about male sexual enhancement pills or products, then you’ve likely ran across advertisements proclaiming a product to be the “best” and “most effective.” Unfortunately, if you’ve tried any of these products then you’re well aware most are nothing more than marketing hype. This is the state millions of men are finding themselves in. They’re seeking assistance in boosting their overall erection quality and sex life, only to be left with a useless product and an empty bank account.

While the majority of male sex enhancement products are useless, not all of them fall into this category. In fact, some products are just as effective as many of the leading prescription products. One of these is known as MaxoDerm. Instead of relying on a pill, which can take days or even weeks to produce visible results, MaxoDerm calls upon the potent activity of transdermal actions. This is when a product is applied directly to the penis for near-immediate results.


MaxoDerm | A Top Selling Penis Cream

The maker of this revolutionary product, Barmensen Labs, is one of the only manufacturers to have a patent pending formula designed to increase erection quality and sexual satisfaction. Unlike other similar products, which attempt to elicit effects through indirect avenues, MaxoDerm targets the physical factors responsible for greater erections, longer-lasting sessions and more fulfilling orgasms.

When applied directly to the penis, this formula interacts with the various nerves and chemicals responsible for erectile tissue responsiveness. This biochemical interactions results in near-instant erections that last and provide a more fulfilling sex life. Because the ingredients found within this topically applied supplement are targeted, meaning they’re specifically directed to penile tissue, the risk of adverse side effects is substantially lowered. You can expect to enjoy these benefits of Maxoderm cream:

  1. Maximum erection length and girth
  2. Increased sexual stamina for longer sex sessions
  3. Increased libido for a bigger sexual appetite



MaxoDerm | Ingredients for Dynamic Sexual Revolution

If you were to look at the ingredient list for many other male sex supplements, you’d likely find compounds you’re unable to pronounce. An unfortunate truth regarding this industry is the use of synthetic chemicals to elicit a desired response. While they may promote greater erections, they can be damaging to your overall health. This is especially true if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications. Because MaxoDerm is a topically-applied medication, the risk of negative medication interactions is lowered; however, it must be noted there is a possibility of negative medication interactions. Therefore, always speak with your physician before using.

There are several active compounds used in this formulation. These include:



  • L-Arginine | Classified as an amino acid, this compound plays an essential role in the production and release of hormones responsible for erections and sexual desire. Because of this, L-Arginine is a popular ingredient in the most powerful over the counter erection pills and medications.
  • Yohimbe Extract | This well-known aphrodisiac has a long history of use. Although modern science is currently investigating the true power of this compound, preliminary evidence suggests yohimbe is a potent natural compound to help combat the physical causes of male impotence.
  • Zinc | Classified as an essential mineral for the very existence of life, its antioxidant capabilities work directly with muscle fibers to ensure its vitality and performance remains at an optimum performance as you age. Preliminary evidence also suggests the use of zinc may also help produce greater volume in ejaculation.
  • Saw Palmetto | This famed male herb is filled with essential fatty acids. Its targeted action works with male hormones to help ensure the prostate remains healthy and fully functioning, which often results in greater sexual performance and potency.
  • Muira Puama | A common Amazonian plant, this unique compound has a long history of use to treat a variety of sexual problems. Alternative medicine has classified this as a potent ingredient to treat the physical and psychological factors for a healthy sex life.
  • Other Primary Ingredients | Within every application, your penile tissue is treated to a buffet of Panax Ginseng Extract, Methyl Nicotinate, Catuaba and Maca. Each compound was specially chosen for its ability to influence the physical and psychological factors required to obtain solid erections and a more satisfying sex life. There are also several plant-based antioxidants within the formula to help ward off free radicals and prevent damage to delicate penile tissue.



How To Use Maxoderm

Maxoderm is very easy to use. Rub in a quarter-sized dab directly onto the penis for about 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse. Even though you will begin to feel a big difference with your very first use, we recommend that you use Maxoderm for 12 week for optimal sexual stamina and performance results. So…


  1. Week 1: 4 applications
  2. Week 2-3: 5 applications per week
  3. Week 4-6: 6 applications per week
  4. Week 7-8: 5 applications per week
  5. Week 9-10: 4 applications per week
  6. Week 11-12: 3 applications per week


The Verdict on Maxoderm

There is no shame in having problems with your sex life. It happens to absolutely everyone at some point in their lives. There is no one who has had a fully functioning and satisfying sex life the whole time. Like with everything in life, there are good times, bad times, and dips in performance.

The real shame is in not taking the needed steps that are readily available. Products like Maxoderm can be the just the thing that you need to save your sex life and also to take it to the next level. No more feeling inadequate in bed. No more worrying about whether your partner is enjoying herself or not. Sex is meant to be fun, after all! Maxoderm cream can be the key for you to regaining this fun.

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