How would you like to finish sex with a huge ejaculation load and a mind blowing orgasm. Of course you would, there is no man who would not want this! But not every man can do this. For most men, sex climaxes with a modest ejaculation volume and a pleasant orgasm. Modest? Pleasant? Not exactly the mind bending, toe tingling experience that you thought sex would be!

Things can be changed, however. With the breakthroughs in modern medicine that are occurring every day, your sex life can be improved. And dramatically. It is possible to significantly increase your ejaculation load. As well as the longevity and power of your orgasms.

I’m pleased to introduce Performer5, one of the top sperm pills selling online. Performer5 is a specialized blend of natural ingredients geared toward increasing your libido and boosting your ejaculatory amount. The essential nutrients found within its formulation are unique within this industry. Each compound was specially chosen to increase semen production for greater orgasms while other products focus on enhancing blood flow throughout your penile tissue for stronger erections.


Performer5 | The Six Benefits of This Sperm Volume Enhancer

Unlike many other male sexuality supplements, this sperm pill is designed to attack the various causes of unsatisfactory sexual experiences. Performer5 produces five distinct benefits, which include:

  • Sexual Stimulant | Users can experience significant improvement to their overall libido levels and performance capabilities.
  • Increase Fertility | If you need a boost of semen to have a baby then Performer5 can increase your volume by 500%.
  • More Ejaculatory Volume | With an increase load of sperms, you would see partner gasps as you climax into her. Trust me., this is a great sight to witness.
  • Climax Intensity | Each ingredient within this semen volume pill is designed to increase orgasm intensity by five times. This means greater satisfaction with every orgasm.
  • Greater Intimacy | Due to the unique formulation found within each dose, you’ll experience both physical and mental stimulation. This often results in greater intimacy levels with your partner.


The Ingredients for Enormous Semen Loads and Orgasms

The secret to the success of this cum pill is its ingredients and their concentrations. Not only is every compound derived from high-quality sources, but the dosage of each ingredient is ideal for near-immediate results. The following ingredients are found in every serving, which is 3 capsules. If you’re taking any medications, bring this list to your physician to ensure you won’t experience negative side effects.

  1. L-Arginine | 500 milligrams
  2. Muira Pauma | 300 milligrams
  3. Pomegranate (70% Ellagic Acid) | 125 milligrams
  4. DL-Malic Acid | 100 milligrams
  5. L-Glycine | 100 milligrams
  6. Dong Quai Extract | 75 milligrams
  7. Beta Glucans 20% | 50 milligrams
  8. Creatine Monohydrate | 35 milligrams
  9. Mucuna Pruriens Extract | 25 milligrams
  10. Alpha-Glucosidase | 25 milligrams
  11. Nettle Leaf Powder | 10 milligrams
  12. DMAE Bitartrate | 5 milligrams


The Verdict on Performer5 Sperm Pills

When it comes to finding a quality semen volume enhancer to boost fertility and ejaculation volume, it may seem that you’re fighting an uphill battle. The unfortunate truth is many of these sperm pills are nothing more than marketing hype. However, Performer5 is not like any other formula. The specialized formulation is quite impressive. With its inclusion of physical and psychological stimulates, your mind and body are primed for greater sex.

With a herbal formulation and a substantial 60-day money back guarantee, this is one of the best male semen pills on the market. It’s suggested to take this supplement for at least a week before making a decision about its effectiveness. Although results are often seen within a couple of days, the longer you take it, the greater its effects will be. While there are many choices on the market, few offer the quality and scientifically-backed formulation as Performer5.

Performer5 contains a MASSIVE 1500mg per serving. So this rich mass of ingredient is guaranteed to rock your semen volume sky high and send some manly sensational pleasure to your partner. Also with your purchase comes a whole bunch of FREE bonuses which I cannot guarantee that will last for long. Here the list of the bonuses included –

The FREE BONUSES Available are —

Free Vit5 – You’ll get a FREE supplemented bottle of Vit5 Essential Nutrients. This works hand in hand with Performer5 to create big ejaculations.

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Please note not all packages include all of the following bonuses. Only the 12 month pack comes with all of the above bonuses.

So if you want o shoot load after load after load of semen with 500% more ejaculation volume, or maybe produced a healthier baby, buy Performer5 semen volume and fertility pill.

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