Prosolution Gel

The notion of enhancing the quality of erections and performance in the bedroom is one shared by millions of men. Even men who aren’t suffering from erectile dysfunction commonly search for ways to boost their overall bedroom ability. While there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of products designed to boost sexual performance, few actually work. In fact, it’s safe to say the majority of non-prescription sexual supplements are ineffective. However, there are several known throughout the industry as being highly-effective.

Prosolution Gel is one of the most unique erection supplements on the market as it’s not a pill. Rather, it’s a topical application gel designed to immediately soak into your penis to not only increase erection quality, but also enhance orgasm volume and pressure. Although it may seem strange, the trans-dermal effects of Prosolution Gel is one of the most effective means for immediate sexual enhancement.


Prosolution Gel | Instant Results for Immediate Gratification

The primary problem with many male sexual enhancement drugs is the duration it takes before results are noticeable. In some cases, results may not be seen for an average of 60 days. This can be quite the challenge for men who need immediate help achieving, maintaining or enhancing their erections. Prosolution Gel differs as it provides immediate results since its a topical penis cream. In fact, the majority of users claimed within several minutes after application, they experience:



  • Thicker, stronger and harder erections
  • Penile tissue growth to give the illusion of a larger penis
  • Visually stimulating penis enhancement – the size and circumference is temporarily increased
  • Inhibiting of premature ejaculation – the ability to have sex for longer periods of time without numbing the penis or their partner
  • Extreme orgasms highlighted by a boost in ejaculatory fluid




The Ingredients

The ingredients found within Prosolution Gel are quite impressive. In fact, many of these natural ingredients are also found in prescription-based medications. With every application, your penis is bathed in a specialized formulation, which includes:

L-Arginine | This amino acid soaks into penile tissue to increase nitric oxide levels. This biological action results in a greater blood flow throughout the penis, which results in a stronger, larger erection.

prosolution gel

Aloe Vera | Used as a carrier, this compound assists in transporting the active compounds through the penis skin while simultaneously soothing and smoothing penis tissue for a more pleasurable feel.

Bearberry Extract | Also referred to as Uva Ursi, this astringent herb enhances movement fluid throughout the reproductive system. This results in not only a harder erection, but also more intense orgasms.

Algae Extract | Also used as a carrier compound, this ingredient makes the epidermis softer, which allows the active ingredients to easily pass into the penile tissues. Its luxurious feel also adds a level of pleasure when applying the gel, which is why many men use penis cream as part of their foreplay.

Mango Butter | Classified as a high-quality lubricant, this compound also acts as a potent aphrodisiac capable of boosting the physical and psychological sensations of intercourse.

Menthol | With a delicious warming sensation, your penis and testicles receive a unique feel that peaks desire while also warding off premature ejaculation.

Vitamin C | This essential vitamin is used by your body to increase sex drive while simultaneously boosting erection strength and quality. The manufacturer also cites this ingredient as decreasing the duration between orgasms, which allows you to achieve multi-orgasms in a single sex session.


How to Use

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this penis cream is its ease of use. The application instructions consist of only three steps.



  • Step One | Place a small amount (around the size of a quarter – perhaps more or less depending on the size of your penis) in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and apply the gel to the shaft of your penis. Stay away from the glands of your penis. Increase the erotic action by having your partner apply the gel to you.
  • Step Two | Gently massage the gel into your penis shaft for one to two minutes. Use this time to ensure the entire shaft is covered by the gel. You’ll likely begin to feel a pleasurable tingle. This means the active ingredients are working.
  • Step Three | Wipe your hands free from the gel and experience the extreme benefits of Prosolution Gel.



So if you want an added boost to your sexual life along with your premature ejaculation pill, then buy this topical penis cream. Unlike some rival lubricants, there is no stickiness with this product and therefore no unpleasant sensations where it matters. Using the proven solution of nitric oxide, this penis cream encourages more blood to flow to the penis and subsequently causes those bigger and thicker erections, more intense orgasms, and general stamina in the bedroom. So give ProSolution Gel a try today.

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