Ever wanted to have that little more kick at the end of your love making? Ever feel that the ending just doesn’t match the build up? If so, then this is the review that you want to be reading where we would be talking about the product Semenax.

There is nothing worse than being let down at the end of sex. All that build up. All that excitement and anticipation. All just to end with a rather pathetic spurt and an orgasm that could be described as nice.

This is not the way sex is supposed to end. It is supposed to end with a momentous ejaculation that coincides with a mind blowing orgasm. That is what both men and women are seeking when they reach their climax. And that is what you can have with just a little help.

Many men would love to have that little bit more volume in their ejaculation. Just like they would love to have stronger orgasms when that moment arrives. These are facts. Thankfully, nowadays, there are products that help with both these desires.


Semenax – Increases Both Your Orgasms and Overall Load

Semenax is ranked as one of the best sperm pills on the market. The manufacturers claim that it increases the quality and quantity of your semen. It has also proven to enhance male orgasms.

These improvements also help to make the experience far more pleasurable for your partner. As with men, women want their men to ejaculate loads of semen because it is linked to fertility and virility and women prefer to mate with such men. This kind of thinking is inbuilt into every woman’s psychology. It also only natural that women want their men to enjoy having sex with them. A larger ejaculation and stronger orgasm helps greatly with this.

Semenax says that it can help increase semen quantity by as much as 500%. There is no need to explain that this is a massive increase. Semenax also makes your orgasms longer, bigger and more powerful. But not only this, Semenax also gives you better control over your orgasms. This will allow you to last longer in bed with your partner. This act of stalling the orgasm will also increase the level of pleasure once you do actually climax.


What Semenax Guarantees

Semenax guarantees four separate fluid increases. Overall, these increases lead to a larger, more prolonged ejaculation. They are:

  • Seminal vesicle fluids are increased. This is key as these fluids make up 70% of your overall ejaculation load
  • Prostate gland fluid increases. Another important factor as this consists of 25% of your overall load
    Seminal plasma is also increased. This is key as this fluid is what keeps all your semen together into one load
  • Finally, your bulbourethral fluid is increased. This fluid is the one that thickens sperm so increasing it results in far larger ejaculations


The Semenax Formula | A Detailed Overview of Its Ingredients

The main difference between this ejaculate booster and all others is the quality of its formulation. The ingredients, which is discussed below, are found in many supplements. However, it’s the quality of these ingredients that truly makes a difference. All compounds derived within this product is specially chosen from high-quality sources.



  • Swedish Flower | Also referred to as Rose Pollen, this compound has been used throughout Asia and Europe for its ability to reduce an enlarged prostate while simultaneously supporting its health and function. The prostate plays a vital role in semen production. Therefore, by enhancing its efficiency, you simultaneously enhance the production of semen and seminal fluid.
  • L-Arginine | Perhaps the most scientifically-studied ingredient within this formula, L-Arginine has been shown to double semen volume. Moreover, this amino acid enhanced greater nitric oxide within your body. This produces greater blood circulation throughout the penis for stronger, harder erections.
  • L-Lysine | An essential amino acid, this compound enhances sperm production, boosts natural testosterone and enhances overall male virility. When combined with L-Arginine, the effects of these two compounds is roughly 10 times as potent.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum | Also referred to as “Horny Goat Weed,” this compound is a legendary aphrodisiac. It’s capable of enhancing blood flow throughout penile tissue while also boosting testosterone levels. Its interaction within the male body is commonly associated with greater male virility and enhanced ejaculatory power.
  • Zinc Oxide & Zinc Aspartate | Preliminary studies suggest the combination of these compounds can enhance sperm concentration and virility. In fact, many natural practitioners recommend these forms of zinc to help treat infertility and to promote greater ejaculatory volume.
  • Catuaba Bark | This ancient herb has a long history being used as an aphrodisiac. According to preliminary evidence, the male body utilizes this herb as an overall sexual enhancement compound. Along with boosting libido, this compound targets the psychological aspect of sexuality by enhancing mood and acting as an antidepressant. The scientific community also considers this to be a nervous system stimulant.semenax
  • Pumpkin Seed | High in zinc, this ingredient works to enhance overall semen production while simultaneously increasing the volume of ejaculatory fluid.
  • Vitamin E | This potent antioxidant compound improves overall sexual function by supporting greater blood flow throughout penile tissue. Preliminary evidence suggests vitamin E may help correct penis curvature.



Other Active Ingredients | Semenax contains a significant concentration of: Sarsaparilla, Maca, Muira Puama, Hawthorne, Cranberry Extract, Avena Sativa Extract and Butea Superba.


The Verdict on Semenax

The manufacturers of Semenax approached the formula in three directions:

  1. Clinical Research | Each compound within this formula is clinically proven to enhance the volume and pressure of the male orgasm. With regular use, your ejaculate amount is dynamically improved to increase semen production, create stronger orgasms and lead to a more satisfying climax.
  2. Enhanced Dosing | While a supplement may have the right ingredients, it’s all about dosage levels. The creators of this ejaculate booster spent a significant amount of time researching the ideal dosage for each compound to ensure maximum results. This is the heart of the Semenax effect.
  3. High-Quality Ingredients | This means you’re consuming ingredients not only scientifically-proven to work, but safer than other supplements.

Although there are literally hundreds of supplements designed to boost ejaculatory fluid production, few accomplish this to such a degree as Semenax. If you’re interested in safely and effectively boosting the volume and pressure of your orgasms, then you should give this supplement a try. With its clinically-proven formula, Semenax can deliver substantial results with little negative side effects.

Let’s be honest, every man wishes that they could shoot out a bucket load of sperm at the end of sex. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s a natural want. Do not settle for just being average. Not when the means are there for you to turn normal into extraordinary. Let Semenax show you the real way how sex is supposed to climax!

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