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When a man has less energy for his daily tasks, aging might not be the only attributing factor; they might already experiencing one of the signs of andropause. Andropause — also known as male menopause – is the state where the level of the male hormone testosterone begins to decrease due to aging.

Andropause differs from the menopause that women experience. Menopause is the sudden drop of female hormone production, while andropause is the gradual decline in men’s hormone levels. As men reach 40, their testosterone levels start to drop for about 1% a year although the reduction is not highly noticeable in men below the age of 60.

Younger men commonly have testosterone levels over a thousand nanograms per deciliter. In 80 year-old men, the average testosterone level is 200 ng/dl although some may maintain a normal testosterone level even in old age. Moreover, some men who have low testosterone levels may not exhibit symptoms of andropause. The only definite means to know if a person is low on testosterone is through a blood test.

If a man thinks he might be undergoing andropause or has low testosterone, the best thing to do is consult a doctor. Additionally, one can also learn about the various…


Signs of Andropause

  • Low Energy

Since testosterone helps the body to maintain a good energy level, men with male menopause commonly have low energy. The instances may include falling asleep quickly after having a meal.

  • Low Libido

Testosterone plays a significant role to maintain men’s sex drive. Therefore, men having andropause will notice a decrease in libido. According to a study conducted on men experiencing andropause, 91-percent exhibited decrease in libido.

  • Insomnia

If low energy is evident to a person undergoing male menopause, insomnia is also one of the signs. Testosterone is also responsible for regulating sleep. Therefore, men with low testosterone may possibly have insomnia or disturbed sleep.

  • Abdominal Fat

Testosterone is instrumental in slowing down accumulation of abdominal fat. Therefore, if the testosterone level becomes low, faster accumulation of abdominal fat is imminent. As abdominal fat accumulates, an enzyme found in the fat tissue will convert testosterone to estrogen, which further lowers testosterone levels. Having less testosterone to help slow down the accumulation of fat and abdominal fat increases.

  • Osteoporosis

Maintaining bone density requires help of testosterone. The bones can become fragile if a person is experiencing andropause. The condition may tend to increase the risk of osteoporosis. The fact is that relationship between testosterone and osteoporosis is well established where doctors may require a bone density test to know if a patient has low testosterone.

  • Depression

It is observed that men undergoing male menopause try to visit psychiatrists before considering check-up on their testosterone. Testosterone helps in mood regulation. Therefore, if a man’s testosterone level falls, he may experience depression. According to a study on depressed men, the lower a male’s testosterone level is, the more severe the depression will be.



The following are some recommendations should men exhibit possible signs of andropause:

  • Set an appointment to see a doctor for a check-up. Discuss with the doctor the symptoms, the medications you are currently taking, the treatment options and the lifestyle changes you are undergoing.
  • Accordingly, many older men are suffering from some cases of undiagnosed depression. This situation may be more than just feeling down. Most depressed men have a tendency to be irritable and withdrawn. Usually, depressed people tend to overwork, drink excessively and try to get thrills by taking risks. If a person thinks he is depressed, he must seek help.
  • Regular exercise helps a person physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • There is a need to adopt a healthy diet.


Some men have been advised to have a testosterone replacement therapy to treat Andropause. However, even if the therapy has already helped many men, it is still under some controversy. Testosterone replacement therapy has possible risks, most especially to men who have prostate cancer as well as heart disease. Moreover, the therapy may not be able to provide improvement in the signs of andropause and more studies have to be conducted in determining the efficiency and safety of testosterone replacement therapy.

The good news is that some companies have formulated a herbal formula to assist older men lessen the symptoms of male menopause. You can check out this popular Andropause Supplement that have been manufactured just for men with male menopause.

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