Okay gentlemen you are about to get dealt with some truth. Ready? Men’s skin has more oil than women’s. Okay I’m glad we got passed that. Now what does this mean? Men’s faces are dirtier. And that means you have to take care of it more, typically every morning and night.

This does not mean using somebody soap to quickly clean it, what we’re suggesting is a deep cleaning. Trust us, after finishing a deep cleaning you will feel and look better, healthier and cleaner. Not to mention completely refreshed. Men’s skin care can boost your daily morale.

You should be looking into a natural product or one that is made from naturally occurring ingredients. Using a chemical based cleaner can actually make your face feel worst in the long run and cause a dependence on using that product to achieve the same results.

Make sure you look into this when you search for facial scrubs and facial cleaners. I said before not to use a body soap and that is because body soaps are meant for, you guessed it, the body, which in essence means that they are for one a deodorant soap and you probably don’t need that on your face. But also the ingredients aren’t meant to go on faces as they can clog pores and irritate your face from the detergent left behind.

As you want to cleanse your face deeply you will need to get your hands on a facial scrub. Using a scrub will remove the dead skin cells on the topmost layers of the skin and helps to smooth your face. Just don’t use too much muscle as you will damage your face.

Try to look out for rough ingredients, because as you might have figured out, they will damage your face too. If you begin to feel like your skin is damaged or irritated change or remove the irritant right now. Now after you get done cleaning your skin it’s time to moisturize. Remember that you need to stick with natural options and try to find a non-comedogenic product so your pores don’t clog. And if you decide to shave then you should apply the area first and then moisturize after. We always seem to forget to take care of our necks which lead to damage of the skin.

Of course everybody is different and has different needs but a few recommendations to look for is if you typically have dry skin look for Vitamin E or aloe vera but if you have more oily skin then take it easy and use only a little bit. Face cleaning is all about learning from experience and you will need some trial and error to see what you need.

Cleaning your face is very important for maintaining healthy skin. So you should try to incorporate these skin care tips for men above in your daily grooming. Just a couple of minutes and you can have healthy skin for years to come.

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