The process of maximizing the full potential of your muscles can be achieved. You can start this process on your very next workout. Below are seven top ways utilized by professional bodybuilders how you can add intensity to your muscle building routine — that can provide quick solid muscle growth.


  • Use Supersets: this is a method that requires the performance of two separate exercises for the same group of muscles without stopping in between. By doing this, you use the different muscles, creating more fibers which creates more growth.
  • Heavier Weights Mean More Resistance: using a heavier weight than you normally do increases the amount of work your muscles have to perform, making your muscles build mass to adapt. Increase the weight you are working out with when you can do six to eight repetitions without your muscle failing.
  • Reduce Your Rest Times: shorter rest periods with longer workouts or workouts with heavier weights can increase intensity. Just shorten the rest time while working out and you will see the benefit in increased muscle mass.
  • Utilize Isometric Contractions: this method requires you to hold the weight in the position it was in when your muscle failed. This provides stimulation for a static contraction in the failed muscle, building resistance and muscle fiber.
  • Partial Repetitions: partial reps are done when you still do reps without completing the motion after your muscle fails. Professional bodybuilders use this method because they still gain the benefit of the exercise. It works to increase the level of intensity for the workout without adding extra exercises that will lead to over-training.
  • Pre-Exhaustion: knowing your muscle groups will help with this method. When muscle groups have a strong and a weak muscle, you will work the weak muscle to failure first, prohibiting you from working the stronger muscle properly. This method entails targeting the strong muscle first, with an isolating exercise, then doing reps that engage both muscles.
  • Forced Repetition: this will require the use of an experienced personal trainer or helper. You will need to finish one or more reps after the initial rep that caused muscle failure.


This methods will produce strong growth and help you past the point you are at now. Just remember to seek the help of a personal trainer or experienced helper if you are unsure of something to avoid injury.

There is no easy way of building the mass you want to see. It is work to make your body grow and you should expect to put forth some serious effort. The good new, however, is that these methods will provide a more challenging workout while inducing the kind of growth you want to see.

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