The Real Truth of Using Whey Protein


If you are like most people, the subject of whey protein is one that seems confusing, difficult to understand and complicated. What is whey protein? What are the benefits and side effects of using it? Read on to learn everything that you need to know about the infamous protein.


What is Whey Protein?

Rather than being a single entity, why protein is a particular terminology that is used to group together globular proteins which are found in whey. They are then separated from whey and used as a protein for exercise.

Whey itself is created during the cheese manufacturing process, and is a mix of various proteins, such as lacto globulin, alpha-lactalbumin and serum albumin. Because of this, it is quite similar to certain proteins that are found in eggs. The protein itself is changed by heat, and they cannot be changed back to their original state.

During the pasteurization process, which heat is a huge part of, it becomes far less bio active. When something is bio active, it is a fancy term for a protein that contains a high level of cysteine and glutathione, an antioxidant that is active in improving health and fitness. Thankfully, whey has reduced bio activity, while still containing high levels of protein, which makes it an effective, safe source of protein.


What Makes It Good for the Body?

From the information above, it is clear that whey is safe, but what makes it actively good for the body? Well, since whey protein has high levels of essential acids, it is easy to understand why it plays a role in low-carb, high protein diets. Whey protein has low levels of fats, which makes it a healthy choice in diets that need to be rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, as it contains all of the right components.


Why Do Pregnant Women Love Whey Protein?

Pregnant woman have been advised to take whey protein, as it provides a good basis of amino acids, which is essential for growing babies. This helps to speed up natural development and protect the unborn baby from illnesses while they are their very vulnerable stage of life.

This means that the unborn child will be better able to defend against illness, will develop faster at a health rate, and be protected, with an increased immune system.


Whey Protein for Bodybuilders

Whey protein is highly effective for bodybuilders, who put emphasis on muscle growth. This protein is concentrated and thus leads to a high level of accelerated muscle development. This increased ability for muscle growth, while using natural methods, makes this an optimal choice.


Can it Help Athletes Recover?

Whey protein can be used to help athletes recover. Because it is so high in protein, it allows for faster cell development and healing, while protecting and improving the immune system of athletes who might be injured or ill. This leads to a faster and better recovery period.


A Weapon Against Degenerative Diseases

It is hard to pinpoint any disease as being the very worst one, but many degenerative diseases leave their sufferers in pain and weakness for months, if not years.

Unfortunately, many of these are not curable, as the severity increases until they result in eventual death of complete debilitation. The systems that are most commonly affected by these diseases are the nervous system, the muscular system and the skeletal system.

Although they are not curable, there are many treatments available to help people manage their suffering. These treatments include chemotherapy and surgical operations. While whey protein cannot cure these diseases, the inclusion of whey protein into a proper and balanced diet can promote muscle growth and increased levels of resilience.

Certain diseases, such cancer, diabetes and AIDS can cause extreme muscle degeneration. Whey protein can help to combat this particular symptom and lead to increased strength to endure medical procedures.


Where Can One Buy Whey Protein?

Now that you have heard the vast amount of benefits that can be achieved by consuming whey protein, you are most likely wondering where you can get such an amazing product. Thankfully, you can get whey protein at almost every supermarket, as well as at specialty stores and health food shops.

If whey protein is not sold in your area, you will be able to find it easily online with a simple internet search. Check out the best whey protein powder on the market today.

However, all good things must be consumed in moderation. As with any food, healthy or not, over-consumption can lead to health complications such as liver damage. Always make sure that you read the instructions carefully and do not take more than your recommended intake.

For lactose intolerant individuals, whey protein isolate is a far better option, as it contains less lactose, and will be easier to consume and digest. Whey protein in the right amount can help a newbie bodybuilder with some fantastic muscle growth.