Your Neglected Tri’s

Somehow the test of a bodybuilder’s strength has come to be judged by the size of his biceps.
Biceps curls are one of the most commonly seen exercises at the gym, and it’s something of a cliche to have someone brag about their strength by flexing their biceps in your face. But, the secret to having big, muscular arms is actually to develop the tricep muscles.


About Your Triceps

The tricep is the biggest muscle in your upper arm, and is made up of three main muscles. It is twice as large as your bicep, which has only two main muscles, so if you spend more time on getting big biceps, than on building your tri’s, then you’re missing a great opportunity to really develop your arms.

To achieve your goal of a well proportioned body, you will need to work on both sets of muscles and find the exercises that will push your triceps to the limit.


Developing Your Tri’s

If you’ve been trying to develop your triceps, but haven’t seen the results you were hoping for, you need to look carefully at each exercise in your workout. What you may find is that you are not using the full range of motion in your upper arm exercises. This is a common problem, since the arms need to be stretched beyond their normal range to get the benefit from your arm exercises in the deep fibers of the muscles.

This kind of movement feels unnatural until you’re used to it. Another thing to pay careful attention to is your technique: maintain very strict form with your tricep exercises, especially extensions and skull crushes, paying special attention to your elbow movements. These must be kept to a minimum.


The Secret to Big Triceps

The most important thing to remember is that when the weight is at the lowest position, you must be able to feel your tricep muscles pulling, before you pull them back. Some of your exercises, such as the grip bench press, cable push-downs and diamond pushups simply do not provide the range of movement you require to work your triceps that hard.

They still need to be included, of course, but don’t rely on this type of exercise to build your big triceps. And those biceps curls? They’re useful during a long workout, but too many will quickly mark you as a novice.

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