The Best Kept Secret in Your Gym

So, what’s the best kept secret about improving fitness at your local gym? Did you know that every single back exercise can be used to improve your weights and build your strength? This would have to be the simplest and quickest way to do just that, and uses a basic tool that no gym should be without: the lifting straps. And they’re even recommended by the fitness author Sean Nalewanyj.


Effective Lifting

Most people don’t understand the benefits of a pair of lifting straps. They are a really effective way to build your strength, yet are a piece of equipment that are so basic as to be overlooked.

If you’re not familiar with them, lifting straps are a pair of very thick straps which go around your wrists and then wrap around the dumbbell, barbell or cable attachment. The material they are constructed from is very strong and durable.

Lifting straps take the pressure off your forearms and keep your wrists connected to the weight. Try them and you will find that the pressure on your forearms is almost completely eliminated.


So How Does This Help?

When you lift in the usual way, your forearms are the limiting factor as to how heavy the weight and how many reps you can perform. Once your forearms reach muscular failure, that’s it for that lift. However, by using straps, your back and shoulders, and even your legs and other muscles can be worked on instead of your forearms.

This applies to any sort of back exercise where the grip is the limiting factor, even deadlifts. This knowledge gives you a very simple way you can improve your fitness by strengthening your overall muscle structure.


Why Aren’t Lifting Straps More Popular?

You will hear a lot of people in weight lifting say that lifting straps are a kind of crutch and that using them will inhibit the muscle building in your forearms and affect your grip. But you need to think about your end goal when you’re planning your workout.

If your goal is to have well developed muscles all over your body, then using lifting straps will ensure that ALL the muscle groups are worked on, and not just your forearms. You probably aren’t trying just to impress people by over-developing one specific group of muscles; you are most likely aiming for proportion.


Can I Still Build My Forearms?

Of course you can still build your forearms or develop your grip, if you need to, with exercises that specifically target this area of your body. You will see so much improvement in the strength and muscle mass of your whole body that you will wonder why you tried to lift without straps. They are very easy to come by and very inexpensive, they usually sell for less than twenty dollars. If you can’t find a pair of straps in your local sports store or gym, they are also available online.

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